Nanostructured Materials for Electrochemical Energy Production and Storage

  • Edson Roberto Leite

Part of the Nanostructure Science and Technology book series (NST)

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    Pages i-ix
  2. Caue Ribeiro, Edson R. Leite
    Pages 33-79
  3. Paulo Roberto Bueno, Claude Gabrielli
    Pages 81-149
  4. Angelika Heinzel, Uwe König
    Pages 151-183
  5. Joop Schoonman, Sergey Zavyalov, Alla Pivkina
    Pages 201-217
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 219-228

About this book


The key problem facing new energy conversion and storage technologies remains device efficiency. Designs based on nanostructured materials can yield improved performance in devices employing electrochemical reactions and heterogeneous catalysis such as batteries and fuel and solar cells. Nanoscale structures dramatically alter the surface reaction rates and electrical transport throughout the material, causing a dramatic improvement in energy storage, conversion, and generation. This book describes properties of nanostructured materials that can be the basis of improved performance in a wide range of alternative energy devices. Fundamental concepts of nanostructured materials such as nanocrystal synthesis and properties, thermodynamics and defect chemistry, and interfacial and physical electrochemistry are presented as are the impact and application of nanoscale materials in specific alternative energy devices. These materials and devices promise not only the development of a wide range of new technologies, but also the potential for a more sustainable energy future. Nanostructured Materials for Electrochemical Energy Production and Storage is an authoritative and essential reference from world-renowned research groups for scientists and engineers in the fields of materials science and electrochemistry.


Aerogel Nanomaterial alternative energy devices catalysis device efficiency electrochemical energy production electrochemistry fuel cell nanocrystals synthesis and properties nanostructured materials nanotechnology thermodynamics

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