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CDMA Radio with Repeaters


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This book analyzes the interaction of the CDMA system within a mobile channel environment, emphasizing repeaters, diversities, and other performance-enhancing means. The authors provide a unique and clear description of repeater-embedded networks’ planning, design, and optimization in different scenarios. Simple physically-based expressions are developed and supported by extensive field experience, and provide insight into the network dynamics.

CDMA Radio with Repeaters is intended for wireless RF engineers and system architects, and for researchers working on advanced wireless networks, including MIMO systems. The material also provides insight for helping cellular managers and business assess costs and risks. This book is also suitable as a reference book for graduate courses.


Transmission interference network optimization radio repeater simulation

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  1. 1.Comm&Sens Ltd.HaifaIsrael
  2. 2.Celletra Ltd.Yoqne’amIsrael

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