Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Carmela Comito, Domenico Talia, Anastasios Gounaris, Rizos Sakellariou
    Pages 1-13
  3. Massimo Coppola, Nicola Tonellotto, Marco Danelutto, Corrado Zoccolo, Sébastien Lacour, Christian Pérez et al.
    Pages 15-30
  4. Jan Dünnweber, Sergei Gorlatch, Nikos Parlavantzas, Francoise Baude, Virginie Legrand
    Pages 31-42
  5. Jan Dünnweber, Sergei Gorlatch, Marco Aldinucci, Sonia Campa, Marco Danelutto
    Pages 43-57
  6. Marcelo Pasin, Pierre Kuonen, Marco Danelutto, Marco Aldinucci
    Pages 59-71
  7. Marco Aldinucci, Sonia Campa, Massimo Coppola, Marco Danelutto, Corrado Zoccolo, Francoise André et al.
    Pages 89-102
  8. Charis Papadakis, Paraskevi Fragopoulou, Evangelos P. Markatos, Elias Athanasopoulos, Marios Dikaiakos, Alexandras Labrinidis
    Pages 103-118
  9. William Hoarau, Sébastien Tixeuil, Luis Silva
    Pages 119-134
  10. Jiří Denemark, Luděk Matyska, Miroslav Ruda, Michal Jankowski, Norbert Meyer, Pawel Wolniewicz
    Pages 135-146
  11. Sergio Andreozzi, Augusto Ciuffoletti, Antonia Ghiselli, Demetres Antoniades, Michalis Polychronakis, Evangelos P. Markatos et al.
    Pages 147-161
  12. Piotr Domagalski, Krzysztof Kurowski, Ariel Oleksiak, Jarek Nabrzyski, Zoltán Balaton, Gábor Gombás et al.
    Pages 163-173
  13. William Groleau, Vladimir Vlassov, Konstantin Popov
    Pages 175-187
  14. Rizos Sakellariou, Henan Zhao, Eleni Tsiakkouri, Marios D. Dikaiakos
    Pages 189-202
  15. Vincent Keller, Ralf Gruber, Michela Spada, Trach-Minh Tran, Kevin Cristiano, Pierre Kuonen et al.
    Pages 203-214
  16. Krzysztof Kurowski, Ariel Oleksiak, Jarek Nabrzyski, Agnieszka Kwiecień, Marcin Wojtkiewicz, Maciej Dyczkowski et al.
    Pages 215-225
  17. Nicola Tonellotto, Ramin Yahyapour, Philipp Wieder
    Pages 227-239
  18. Róbert Lovas, Gergely Sipos, Péter Kacsuk, Raül Sirvent, Josep M. Pérez, Rosa M. Badia
    Pages 241-254
  19. Thilo Kielmann, Gosia Wrzesiñska, Natalia Currle-Linde, Michael Resch
    Pages 255-269
  20. Alexandra Iosup, Dick H. J. Epema, Jason Maassen, Rob van Nieuwpoort
    Pages 271-283
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 285-285

About this book


Integrated Research in Grid Computing presents a selection of the best papers presented at the CoreGRID Integration Workshop (CGIW2005), which took place on November 28-30, 2005 in Pisa, Italy.  This book is the fourth volume of the CoreGRID series.

The aim of CoreGRID is to strengthen and advance scientific and technological excellence in the area of Grid and Peer-to-Peer technologies in order to overcome the current fragmentation and duplication of effort in this area. To achieve this objective, the workshop brought together a critical mass of well-established researchers (including 145 permanent researchers and 171 PhD students) from a number of institutions which have all constructed an ambitious joint program of activities. Priority in the workshop was given to work conducted in collaboration between partners from different research institutions and to promising research proposals that could foster such collaboration in the future.

The list of topics in this volume includes:

- Knowledge and Data Management

- Programming Models

- System Architecture

- Grid Information, Resource and Workflow Monitoring Services

-Resource Management and Scheduling

- Systems, Tools and Environments

- Trust and Security Issues on the Grid


CoreGRID Integration Workshop GRID Getov Getov series editor Gorlatch Monitor Scheduling architecture computing currentsmp data management integrated research organization programming models security

Editors and affiliations

  • Sergei Gorlatch
    • 1
  • Marco Danelutto
    • 2
  1. 1.FB Mathematik und Informatik, Inst. f. InformatikUniversität MünsterMünsterGermany
  2. 2.Dept. Computer ScienceUniversity of PisaPisaItaly

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