Nanotechnologies and Electronics Packaging

  • James E.¬†Morris

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. C. Bailey, H. Lu, S. Stoyanov, T. Tilford, X. Xue, M. Alam et al.
    Pages 15-38
  3. O. van der Sluis, C. A. Yuan, W. D. van Driel, G. Q. Zhang
    Pages 61-91
  4. James E. Morris
    Pages 93-107
  5. Y. Hayashi, M. Inoue, H. Takizawa, K. Suganuma
    Pages 109-120
  6. Fan Wu, James E. Morris
    Pages 139-162
  7. Gopal C. Jha, Swapan K. Bhattacharya, Rao R. Tummala
    Pages 163-188
  8. Daoqiang Daniel Lu, Yi Grace Li, C.-P. Wong
    Pages 189-208
  9. Rabindra N. Das, Frank D. Egitto
    Pages 209-237
  10. Jan Felba, Helmut Schaefer
    Pages 239-263
  11. Pradeep Lall, Saiful Islam, Guoyun Tian, Jeff Suhling, Darshan Shinde
    Pages 287-323
  12. Yamini Yadav, Vindhya Kunduru, Shalini Prasad
    Pages 325-344
  13. Vindhya Kunduru, Yamini Yadav, Shalini Prasad
    Pages 345-375
  14. Johan Liu, Teng Wang
    Pages 377-393
  15. Wood-Hi Cheng, Chia-Ming Chang, Jin-Chen Chiu
    Pages 395-413
  16. Stefan Fielder, Michael Zwanzig, Ralf Schmidt, Wolfgang Scheel
    Pages 441-463
  17. Lunyu Ma, Suresh K. Sitaraman, Qi Zhu, Kevin Klein, David Fork
    Pages 465-490
  18. Debendra Mallik, Ravi Mahajan, Vijay Wakharkar
    Pages 491-516
  19. James E. Morris
    Pages E1-E6
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 537-543

About this book


Nanopackaging: Nanotechnologies and Electronics Packaging presents a comprehensive overview of nanoscale electronics and systems packaging, and covers nanoscale structures, nanoelectronics packaging, nanowire applications in packaging, and offers a roadmap for future trends. Composite materials are studied for high-k dielectrics, resistors and inductors, electrically conductive adhesives, conductive "inks," underfill fillers, and solder enhancement.

Nanopackaging: Nanotechnologies and Electronics Packaging is an important reference for Industrial and academic researchers as well as practicing engineers seeking information about the latest techniques, including:

  • The importance of computer modeling in nanopackaging and offers suggestions for implementation

  • Carbon Nanotubes and Nanoparticles, and their role in packaging, including basic properties and fabrication, and applications in solder, thermal management, and EMI control

  • A comprehensive overview of nanoscale electronics and systems packaging

Nanopackaging: Nanotechnologies and Electronics Packaging is an ideal reference for researchers, practicing engineers as well as graduate students who are either entering the field of for the first time, or those already conducting research and want to expand their knowledge in the field of nanopackaging.


Nanotube carbon nanotubes nano-silica filler nanocomposite resistors nanoelectronic nanomaterials nanoparticles nanotechnology

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