Ultra-Wideband, Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 7

  • Frank Sabath
  • Eric L. Mokole
  • Uwe Schenk
  • Daniel Nitsch

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Electromagnetic Theory & Modelling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. J.-P. Parmantier, I. Junqua
      Pages 3-12
    3. Phumin Kirawanich, Nakka S. Kranthi, Rahul Gunda, Jean-Philippe Parmantier, Solange Bertuol, N. E. Islam
      Pages 13-20
    4. Jürgen Nitsch, Sergey Tkachenko
      Pages 21-32
    5. Mengtao Yuan, Mary C. Taylor, Tapan K. Sarkar
      Pages 50-55
    6. K. Biwojno, P. Sewell, Y. Liu, C. Christopoulos
      Pages 71-79
    7. T. M. Benson, A. Al-Jarro, P. Sewell, V. Janyani, J. D. Paul, A. Vukovic
      Pages 80-88
  3. Time-Domain Computational Techniques

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 97-97
    2. W. Simon, A. Lauer, D. Manteuffel, A. Wien, I. Wolff
      Pages 131-141
    3. Salvador González García, Amelia Rubio Bretones, Rafael Godoy Rubio, Mario Fernández Pantoja, Rafael Gómez Lopez
      Pages 142-149
    4. T. K. Sarkar, B. Kolundzija, M. Salazar-Palma
      Pages 150-158
    5. E. Bleszynski, M. Bleszynski, T. Jaroszewicz
      Pages 172-179
    6. Jürgen Nitsch, Nikolay Korovkin, Yurii Bichkov, Sergey Scherbakov, Sergey Demkin, Alexey Haimin
      Pages 180-187
    7. J. Nitsch, N. Korovkin, E. Solovyeva
      Pages 188-195
  4. Antennas

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 197-197
    2. G. Franceschetti, J. Tatoian, D. Giri, G. Gibbs
      Pages 199-205
    3. J. S. Tyo, J. S. H. Schoenberg, C. E. Baum, W. D. Prather, R. Hackett, J. W. Burger et al.
      Pages 224-238
    4. L. H. Bowen, E. G. Farr, D. I. Lawry
      Pages 239-247
    5. L. M. Atchley, E. G. Farr, L. H. Bowen, W. S. Bigelow, H. J. Wagnon, D. E. Ellibee et al.
      Pages 258-266
    6. D. Ghosh, T. K. Sarkar
      Pages 276-288
    7. W. S. Bigelow, E. G. Farr, L. H. Bowen, D. E. Ellibee, D. I. Lawry
      Pages 289-296
    8. Andrew S. Podgorski
      Pages 297-305
    9. C. Maierhofer, T. Kind, J. Wöstmann
      Pages 316-324
    10. A. Yarovoy, J. Zijderveld
      Pages 325-333
    11. J. Sachs, P. Peyer, P. Rauschenbach, F. Tkac, R. Zetik
      Pages 334-341
    12. A. Butrym, S. Pivnenko
      Pages 342-353
    13. X. Qing, Z. N. Chen
      Pages 354-362
    14. T. Dissanayake, K. Esselle, Y. Ge
      Pages 363-370
    15. C. Roblin, A. Sibille
      Pages 391-400
    16. L. H. Bowen, E. G. Farr, D. R. Keene
      Pages 401-408
    17. W. Sörgel, C. Waldschmidt, W. Wiesbeck
      Pages 409-416
    18. M. Klemm, G. Tröster
      Pages 417-429

About this book


Ultra-wideband (UWB), short-pulse (SP) electromagnetics are now being used for an increasingly wide variety of applications, including collision avoidance radar, concealed object detection, and communications. Notable progress in UWB and SP technologies has been achieved by investigations of their theoretical bases and improvements in solid-state manufacturing, computers, and digitizers. UWB radar systems are also being used for mine clearing, oil pipeline inspections, archeology, geology, and electronic effects testing. Ultra-Wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 7 presents selected papers of deep technical content and high scientific quality from the UWB-SP7 Conference, including wide-ranging contributions on electromagnetic theory, scattering, UWB antennas, UWB systems, ground penetrating radar (GPR), UWB communications, pulsed-power generation, time-domain computational electromagnetics, UWB compatibility, target detection and discrimination, propagation through dispersive media, and wavelet and multi-resolution techniques. This book serves as an essential for scientists and engineers working in these applications areas.


Apertur CMOS Planar SAR Taper Transmission UWB antenna communication development magnetic field photonics radar testing wavelet

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  • Frank Sabath
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  • Eric L. Mokole
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  • Uwe Schenk
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  • Daniel Nitsch
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