Sigma Receptors

Chemistry, Cell Biology and Clinical Implications

  • Tsung-Ping Su
  • Rae R. Matsumoto
  • Wayne D. Bowen

Table of contents

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    Pages i-xi
  2. Giuseppe Ronsisvalle, Orazio Prezzavento
    Pages 45-69
  3. Seth Y. Ablordeppey, Richard A. Glennon
    Pages 71-98
  4. Vadivel Ganapathy, Malliga E. Ganapathy, Katsuhisa lnoue
    Pages 99-112
  5. Hideko Yamamoto, Toshifumi Yamamoto, Keiko Shinohara Tanaka, Mitsunobu Yoshii, Shigeru Okuyama, Toshihide Nukada
    Pages 113-125
  6. Chris P. Palmer, Ebru Aydar, Meyer B. Jackson
    Pages 127-149
  7. Francois P. Monnet
    Pages 165-193
  8. Linda L. Werling, Alicia E. Derbez, Samer J. Nuwayhid
    Pages 195-214
  9. Tangui Maurice
    Pages 237-271
  10. Xavier Guitart
    Pages 273-292
  11. Guy Debonnel, Malika Robichaud, Jordanna Bermack
    Pages 293-314
  12. Yun Liu, Yongxin Yu, Jamaluddin Shaikh, Buddy Pouw, AnTawan Daniels, Guang-Di Chen et al.
    Pages 315-336
  13. Gavril W. Pasternak
    Pages 337-350
  14. Francois J. Roman, Maria Chovet, Lionel Bueno
    Pages 371-391
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 393-414

About this book


Sigma receptors are promising drug development targets for a host of neurological, psychiatric, oncological, immunological, cardiovascular, ophthalmological, and gastrointestinal disorders. They are structurally unique proteins that are distinct from classical G protein-coupled receptors, ionotropic receptors, or receptor tyrosine kinases. With two subtypes currently known, they modulate cell survival and excitability, and subserve many critical functions in the body. Endogenous ligands for these receptors are unknown, though current clues point to neurosteroids.

This book provides a timely update on the medicinal chemistry, cell biology, and clinical implications of sigma receptors. It puts the information in a historical perspective to help new comers to the field successfully navigate the confusing early history surrounding these proteins, and provides a launching point for the development of exciting, new research.

Sigma Receptors: Chemistry, Cell Biology and Clinical Implications will be a valuable tool for pharmacologists, medicinal chemists, cell biologists, molecular biologists, clinicians, and others interested in a concise, state-of-the-art overview of the sigma receptor field with a particular view towards novel therapeutic advances.


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  • Rae R. Matsumoto
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