Protein Interactions

Biophysical Approaches for the Study of Complex Reversible Systems

  • Peter Schuck

Part of the Protein Reviews book series (PRON, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Emmanuel Margeat, Hacène Boukari, Catherine A. Royer
    Pages 1-38
  3. Eric J. Sundberg, Peter S. Andersen, Inna I. Gorshkova, Peter Schuck
    Pages 97-141
  4. Elizabeth A. Komives
    Pages 169-187
  5. Hans Robert Kalbitzer, Werner Kremer, Frank Schumann, Michael Spörner, Wolfram Gronwald
    Pages 189-229
  6. K. Wojtuszewski, J. J. Harvey, M. K. Han, J. R. Knutson
    Pages 367-396
  7. K. Wojtuszewski, J. R. Knutson
    Pages 397-416
  8. Claire A. Adams, Michael G. Fried
    Pages 417-446
  9. Alan M. Sandercock, Carol V. Robinson
    Pages 447-468
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 519-532

About this book


This comprehensive volume, written by experts in the field, brings together a coherent set of reviews of different biophysical methodologies for the study of reversible protein interactions. These reviews allow the reader to gain a deep understanding of the biophysical observables, to stimulate creative thought on how the techniques may be applied to study a particular biological system, and to foster collaboration and multi-disciplinary work. The side-by-side presentation of different approaches highlights aspects they have in common, as well as orthogonal viewpoints that may provide opportunities for synergistic combination. Protein Interactions is an ideal book for biochemists, protein scientists, bioenginners, and molecular and cellular biologists.


Sedimentation Titration fluorescence microscopy protein complexes proteins proteins, protein interaction, schuck

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