Information Security Management & Small Systems Security

IFIP TC11 WG11.1/WG11.2 Seventh Annual Working Conference on Information Security Management & Small Systems Security September 30–October 1, 1999, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ISBN: 978-1-4757-5483-4 (Print) 978-0-387-35575-7 (Online)

Table of contents (18 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

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  2. Reviewed Papers

    1. Front Matter

      Pages XI-XI

    2. Chapter

      Pages 1-10

      A Protocol Improvement for High-Bandwith Encryption Using Non-Encrypting Smart Cards

    3. Chapter

      Pages 11-27

      Real-time Risk Analysis on the Internet

    4. Chapter

      Pages 29-39

      A practical approach to manage data communication security

    5. Chapter

      Pages 41-49

      The Future of Australian & New Zealand Security Standard AS/NZS 4444?

    6. Chapter

      Pages 51-61

      The Effective Utilization of Audit Logs in Information Security Management

    7. Chapter

      Pages 63-74

      An approach to standardizing security analysis methods for virtual systems

    8. Chapter

      Pages 75-88

      Information Security at Top Level

    9. Chapter

      Pages 89-101

      Risk analysis on Internet connection

    10. Chapter

      Pages 103-116

      A Secure Station for Network Monitoring and Control

    11. Chapter

      Pages 117-130

      Security Aspects of a Java-Servlet-Based Web-Hosted E-Mail System

    12. Chapter

      Pages 131-144

      Time as an Aid to Improving Security in Smart Cards

    13. Chapter

      Pages 145-159

      The Intranet Authorization Paradigm

    14. Chapter

      Pages 161-175

      Predicting the Performance of Transactional Electronic Commerce Protocols

  3. Invited Papers

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 177-177

    2. Chapter

      Pages 179-203

      The Cyber-Posture of the National Information Infrastructure

    3. Chapter

      Pages 205-212

      Principles of Iris Recognition

    4. Chapter

      Pages 213-220

      Designing a Secure System for Implementing Chip Cards in the Financial Services Industry

    5. Chapter

      Pages 221-229

      New models for the management of public key infrastructure and root certification authorities

    6. Chapter

      Pages 231-241

      A Secure Electronic Commerce Environment : Only with “Smart Cards”

  4. Back Matter

    Pages 243-243