Database Semantics

Semantic Issues in Multimedia Systems


ISBN: 978-1-4757-4916-8 (Print) 978-0-387-35561-0 (Online)

Table of contents (24 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-2

    Semantic Interactivity in Presence Systems

  3. Chapter

    Pages 3-15

    Towards the Construction of the Multimedia Mediation Mechanism

  4. Chapter

    Pages 17-25

    Can WWW be Successful?

  5. Chapter

    Pages 27-46

    Resource Prediction and Admission Control for Interactive Video

  6. Chapter

    Pages 47-64

    Data Semantics for Improving Retrieval Performance of Digital News Video Systems

  7. Chapter

    Pages 65-84

    Syntactical and Semantical Description of Video Sequences

  8. Chapter

    Pages 85-107

    A Multi-Model Framework for Video Information Systems

  9. Chapter

    Pages 109-122

    COSIS: A Content-Oriented Shoeprint Identification System

  10. Chapter

    Pages 123-143

    A User Interface for Emergent Semantics in Image Databases

  11. Chapter

    Pages 145-168

    Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of TOOMM: A Temporal Object-Oriented Multimedia Data Model

  12. Chapter

    Pages 169-188

    Spatiotemporal Specification & Verification of Multimedia Scenarios

  13. Chapter

    Pages 189-209

    ZYX — A Semantic Model for Multimedia Documents and Presentations

  14. Chapter

    Pages 211-229

    Fuzzy Logic Techniques in Multimedia Databases Querying: A Preliminary Investigation of the Potentials

  15. Chapter

    Pages 231-250

    Defining Views in an Image Database System

  16. Chapter

    Pages 251-269

    A Three-Dimensional Representation Scheme for Indexing and Querying in Iconic Image Databases

  17. Chapter

    Pages 271-290

    Multimedia Information Retrieval Framework: From Theory to Practice

  18. Chapter

    Pages 291-310

    Classification Based Navigation and Retrieval for Picture Archives

  19. Chapter

    Pages 311-330

    Searching Distributed and Heterogeneous Digital Media: The VisualHarness Approach

  20. Chapter

    Pages 331-349

    Using WG-Log Schemata to Represent Semistructured Data

  21. Chapter

    Pages 351-369

    Ontobroker: Ontology Based Access to Distributed and Semi-Structured Information

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