The Place of Information Technology in Management and Business Education

TC3 WG3.4 International Conference on the Place of Information Technology in Management and Business Education 8–12th July 1996, Melbourne, Australia


ISBN: 978-1-4757-6193-1 (Print) 978-0-387-35089-9 (Online)

Table of contents (29 chapters)

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  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-vi

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-8

    Involving managers with information technology—bridging the culture gap

  3. Chapter

    Pages 9-15

    Broadening Software Engineering courses to include Organisational and Behavioural factors

  4. Chapter

    Pages 16-26

    Management’s Knowledge of Information Technology

  5. Chapter

    Pages 27-34

    Linking management and information systems through case analysis of International Business Operations

  6. Chapter

    Pages 35-42

    Information Technology for Managers: Australian Generic MBA Programs

  7. Chapter

    Pages 43-46

    Contracts in the IT Education of Managers

  8. Chapter

    Pages 47-52

    Information Technology in China

  9. Chapter

    Pages 53-61

    Training educational managers to use information systems: A three phase approach

  10. Chapter

    Pages 62-68

    Educating to bridge the knowledge gap: hybrid management undergraduate education 1985–1995

  11. Chapter

    Pages 69-75

    Course Management For Novice It Professionals

  12. Chapter

    Pages 76-85

    The whys and whats of an IT specialisation within a generalist management tertiary education

  13. Chapter

    Pages 86-93

    MIS in the MBA is broken! Do we want to fix it or ditch it?

  14. Chapter

    Pages 94-103

    The nexus between Management and Information Technology — attitudes and influence of the professional bodies

  15. Chapter

    Pages 104-110

    Information technology curriculum for engineering management qualification

  16. Chapter

    Pages 111-117

    Not Economic Informatics but Informatic Economics — The development of the subject Economic Informatics in the commercial colleges in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany

  17. Chapter

    Pages 118-127

    Business users and the information system development process: a need to know basis

  18. Chapter

    Pages 128-136

    Business simulations: dynamic, computer based case studies for management development

  19. Chapter

    Pages 137-144

    IT curriculum in business education content and market analysis

  20. Chapter

    Pages 145-152

    Realising Information Technology Benefits in the Health Sector — the Management Education Agenda

  21. Chapter

    Pages 153-160

    Information technology studies in higher business and management education in Finland

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