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Modern Ferrite Technology


  • Expert overview of latest ferrite advances and well as applications in electronic components

  • Complete listing of many important applications in the field including ferrites for permanent magnet, telecommunications, power supplies, memory system magnetic recording and microwave applications


About this book


Modern Ferrite Technology, 2nd Ed. offers the readers an expert overview of the latest ferrite advances as well as their applications in electronic components. This volume develops the interplay among material properties, component specification and device requirements using ferrites. Throughout, emphasis is placed on practical technological concerns as opposed to mathematical and physical aspects of the subject.

The book traces the origin of the magnetic effect in ferrites from the level of the simplest particle and then increases the scope to include larger hierarchies. From the desired magnetic properties, the author deduces the physical and chemical material parameters, taking into consideration major chemistry, impurity levels, ceramic microstructures and grain boundary effects. He then discusses the processing conditions and associated conditions required for implementation. In addition to conventional ceramic techniques, he describes non-conventional methods such as co-precipitation, co-spray roasting and single crystal growth.

Electronic materials research scientists and technicians, ferrite manufacturing and research engineers, electronic materials professors and students, electronic engineers in magnetic component design and high frequency power supply engineers will find this book to be an invaluable resource.


Semiconductor ceramics communication crystal electronics integrated circuit magnetism

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