Practical Advances in Petroleum Processing

  • Chang S. Hsu
  • Paul R. Robinson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xli
  2. Paul R. Robinson
    Pages 1-78
  3. Clifford C. Walters
    Pages 79-101
  4. Murray R. Watt, Stilianos G. Roussis
    Pages 103-116
  5. Wang Xieqing, Xie Chaogang, Li Zaiting, Zhu Genquan
    Pages 149-168
  6. Paul R. Robinson, Geoffrey E. Dolbear
    Pages 177-218
  7. Adrian Gruia
    Pages 219-255
  8. Isao Mochida, Ki-Hyouk Choi
    Pages 257-296
  9. Ebbe R. Skov, Geoffrey E. Dolbear
    Pages 373-379
  10. F. Emmett Bingham, Douglas E. Nelson
    Pages 381-393
  11. Paul R. Robinson, Eli I. Shaheen, Esber I. Shaheen
    Pages 395-447
  12. B. E. Beasley
    Pages 449-526
  13. Margaret M. Wu, Suzzy C. Ho, T. Rig Forbus
    Pages 553-577
  14. James D. Burrington, John K. Pudelski, James P. Roski
    Pages 579-595
  15. Parviz M. Rahimi, Thomas Gentzis
    Pages 597-634
  16. Michael T. Klein, Gang Hou
    Pages 635-652
  17. Paul R. Robinson, Dennis Cima
    Pages 695-703
  18. Dale R. Mudt, Clifford C. Pedersen, Maurice D. Jett, Sriganesh Karur, Blaine McIntyre, Paul R. Robinson
    Pages 705-727
  19. M. Andrew Crews, B. Gregory Shumake
    Pages 771-817
  20. Nick Hallale, Ian Moore, Dennis Vauk
    Pages 819-840
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 857-865

About this book


"This comprehensive book by Robinson and Hsu will certainly become the standard text book for the oil refining business. Starting from the beginning of the use of crude oil as a source of energy, it shows its development to one of the main economic drivers of modern society. A large part of the book is devoted to an extensive and thorough review of "state of the art" techniques and technologies of the processes used in the industry. In conclusion, an outlook is given pointing out new developments that will influence the business tomorrow. This book is a must read for all who are associated with oil refining."

- Dr. Walter Fritsch, Senior Vice President Refining, OMV

"This book covers a very advanced horizon of petroleum processing technology. For all refiners facing regional and global environmental concerns, and for those who seek a more sophisticated understanding of the refining of petroleum resources, this book has been long in coming."

- Mr. Naomasa Kondo, Cosmo Oil Company, Ltd.

"Practical Advances in Petroleum Processing is a very informative and useful collation of basic petroleum knowledge and practical technology applications. I will certainly recommend it for our SRC technical library."

- Mr. James Er, Technical Manager, Singapore Refining Company


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  • Chang S. Hsu
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  • Paul R. Robinson
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  1. 1.ExxonMobil Research and Engineering CompanyBaton RougeUSA
  2. 2.PQ Optimization ServicesKatyUSA

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