Advanced Arthroscopy

  • James C. Y. Chow

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxii
  2. Shoulder

    1. Roger N. Chams, Stephen J. Snyder
      Pages 1-15
    2. Michael Palmeri, Charles C. Rizzo, Craig D. Morgan
      Pages 37-46
    3. Stephen S. Burkhart, Wesley M. Nottage
      Pages 81-88
    4. Mark H. Getelman, Stephen J. Snyder
      Pages 97-115
    5. Thomas J. Neviaser
      Pages 135-140
    6. Leslie S. Matthews, Jeffrey B. Yurkofsky
      Pages 141-146
  3. Elbow

    1. Patricia A. Shands, John F. Meyers
      Pages 159-163
    2. Gary G. Poehling, Stephen J. Troum, David S. Ruch
      Pages 165-171
    3. Champ L. Baker Jr., Charles A. Gottlob
      Pages 173-178
    4. Felix H. Savoie III, Larry D. Field, Charles W. Hartzog Jr.
      Pages 179-187
    5. Gary G. Poehling, Stephen J. Troum, David S. Ruch
      Pages 189-191
  4. Wrist and Hand

    1. Stephen J. Troum, David S. Ruch, Gary G. Poehling
      Pages 207-211
    2. James C. Y. Chow
      Pages 213-217
    3. Walter H. Short, Scott D. Sagerman
      Pages 219-224
    4. Rocco Barbieri, William B. Geissler
      Pages 237-248
    5. Jean-Paul Guiboux, A. Lee Osterman, James S. Raphael
      Pages 249-252
    6. George Stollsteimer, Michael Moskal, Felix H. Savoie III, Larry D. Field
      Pages 253-264
    7. Steven F. Viegas
      Pages 265-270
    8. James C. Y. Chow
      Pages 271-286
    9. O. H. Chitwood III, Randall W. Culp, A. Lee Osterman
      Pages 287-291
  5. Hip

  6. Knee

About this book


Arthroscopic surgery is the technically demanding procedure that requires the skillful use of delicate instruments and familiarity with fiberoptic instruments and video equipment. Focusing on the most current, "cutting-edge," innovative, and advanced arthroscopic techniques for wrist and hand, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot, spine, as well as laser applications in arthroscopy, and office arthroscopy, Advanced Arthroscopy presents the orthopaedic surgeon with the detailed procedures needed to stay competitive. With contributions from leaders in the orthopaedic/arthroscopic surgery specialty, full color arthroscopic views and custom illustrations detailing complex procedures for rotator cuff tear, TFCC repair, meniscus repair, ACL reconstruction, intraarticular fractures and many others, this volume is for every practicing orthopaedic surgeon.


SLAP lesion ankle biomechanics decompression endoscopy foot fracture hand hip instability knee shoulder shoulder arthroscopy shoulder instability surgery

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  • James C. Y. Chow
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