Challenging Mathematics In and Beyond the Classroom

The 16th ICMI Study

  • Peter J. Taylor
  • Edward J. Barbeau

Part of the New ICMI Study Series book series (NISS, volume 12)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Ed Barbeau
    Pages 1-9
  3. Vladimir Protasov, Mark Applebaum, Alexander Karp, Romualdas Kašuba, Alexey Sossinsky, Ed Barbeau et al.
    Pages 11-51
  4. Petar Kenderov, Ali Rejali, Maria G. Bartolini Bussi, Valeria Pandelieva, Karin Richter, Michela Maschietto et al.
    Pages 53-96
  5. Viktor Freiman, Djordje Kadijevich, Gerard Kuntz, Sergey Pozdnyakov, Ingvill Stedøy
    Pages 97-131
  6. Arthur B. Powell, Inger Christin Borge, Gema Inés Fioriti, Margo Kondratieva, Elena Koublanova, Neela Sukthankar
    Pages 133-170
  7. Maria G. Bartolini Bussi, Sharada Gade, Martine Janvier, Jean-Pierre Kahane, Vincent J. Matsko, Michela Maschietto et al.
    Pages 171-203
  8. Derek Holton, Kwok-cheung Cheung, Sesutho Kesianye, Maria Falk de Losada, Roza Leikin, Gregory Makrides et al.
    Pages 205-242
  9. Gloria Stillman, Kwok-cheung Cheung, Ralph Mason, Linda Sheffield, Bharath Sriraman, Kenji Ueno
    Pages 243-283
  10. Maria Falk de Losada, Ban-Har Yeap, Gunnar Gjone, Mohammad Hossein Pourkazemi
    Pages 285-315
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 317-336

About this book


The last two decades have seen significant innovation both in classroom teaching and in the public presentation of mathematics. Much of this has centered on the use of games, puzzles and investigations designed to capture interest, challenge the intellect and encourage a more robust understanding of mathematical ideas and processes. ICMI Study 16 was commissioned to review these developments and describe experiences around the globe in different contexts, systematize the area, examine the effectiveness of the use of challenges and set the stage for future study and development. A prestigious group of international researchers, with collective experience with national and international contests, classroom and general contests and in finding a place for mathematics in the public arena, contributed to this effort. The result, Challenging Mathematics In and Beyond the Classroom, deals with challenges for both gifted as regular students, and with building public interest in appreciation of mathematics.


Assessment Challenge Classroom ICMI Mathematics Education Role of Student Teacher development curriculum learning mathematics

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  • Peter J. Taylor
  • Edward J. Barbeau

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