Acoustics and the Performance of Music

Manual for Acousticians, Audio Engineers, Musicians, Architects and Musical Instrument Makers

  • Jürgen Meyer

Part of the Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing book series (MASP)

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About this book


Acoustics and the Performance of Music connects scientific understandings of acoustics with practical applications to musical performance. Of central importance are the tonal characteristics of musical instruments and the singing voice including detailed representations of directional characteristics. Furthermore, room acoustical concerns related to concert halls and opera houses are considered. Based on this, suggestions are made for musical performance. Included are seating arrangements within the orchestra and adaptations of performance techniques to the performance environment. In the presentation we dispense with complicated mathematical connections and deliberately aim for conceptual explanations accessible to musicians, particularly for conductors. The graphical representations of the directional dependence of sound radiation by musical instruments and the singing voice are unique. Since the first edition was published in 1978, this book has been completely revised and rewritten to include current research. This translation corresponds to the latest (fifth) German edition (2004), which has become a standard reference work for audio engineers and scientists.

Acoustics and the Performance of Music addresses issues that are of interest to acousticians, orchestra performers and conductors, audio engineers, architects. Researchers and students of musical acoustics will also find this text valuable.


Arrangement Instrumental arrangement within the orchestra Tonmeister acoustics concert hall acoustics directional characteristics of musical instruments directional characteristics of the singing voice hoyingf opera houses room acoustics sound tonal structure of instruments and the voice

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