Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. The Framework of the Handbook

  3. Research on Violence: An Interdisciplinary Approach with a Focus on Social Sciences

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 61-61
    2. Societal Structures and Institutions: Social Conditions and State Agents

      1. Robert D. Crutchfield, Tim Wadsworth
        Pages 67-82
      2. James F. Short Jr.
        Pages 83-96
    3. Societal Structures and Institutions: Social Conditions and State Agents

      1. Michael Hanagan
        Pages 121-137
      2. Peter Longerich
        Pages 139-169
      3. Gerhard Kümmel, Paul Klein
        Pages 171-187
      4. Ronald D. Crelinsten
        Pages 189-205
      5. Jean-Paul Brodeur
        Pages 207-224
    4. Groups and Collectivities: Political and Ideological Violence

      1. Ted Robert Gurr, Anne Pitsch
        Pages 227-245
      2. Andreas Wimmer, Conrad Schetter
        Pages 247-260
      3. Peter Waldmann
        Pages 291-308
      4. Fernando Reinares
        Pages 309-321
      5. Jon Pahl
        Pages 323-338
      6. David Kowalewski
        Pages 339-349
      7. Werner Bergmann
        Pages 351-367
      8. Dieter Rucht
        Pages 369-382
      9. Donatella della Porta
        Pages 383-398
      10. Wilhelm Heitmeyer
        Pages 399-436
      11. Charles Tilly
        Pages 437-454
    5. Violent Individuals: Perpetrators and Motives

      1. James T. Tedeschi
        Pages 459-478
      2. Roy F. Baumeister, Brad J. Bushman
        Pages 479-493
      3. Ernest V. E. Hodges, Noel A. Card, Jenny Isaacs
        Pages 495-509
      4. Helmut Lukesch
        Pages 511-541
    6. Violent Individuals: Perpetrators and Motives

      1. Martin Daly, Margo Wilson
        Pages 569-588
      2. Laura Baker
        Pages 589-607
    7. Violent Individuals: Perpetrators and Motives

    8. Victims of Violence: Individuals and Groups

      1. James Garbarino, Catherine P. Bradshaw
        Pages 719-735
      2. Russell P. Dobash, R. Emerson Dobash
        Pages 737-752
      3. David Lester
        Pages 753-765
      4. Ezzat A. Fattah
        Pages 767-783
      5. Jack McDevitt, Jennifer Williamson
        Pages 801-815
      6. Bessel A. van der Kolk, Annette Streeck-Fischer
        Pages 817-832
    9. Social Opportunity Structures: Institutions and Social Spaces

      1. Richard J. Gelles
        Pages 837-862
      2. Gabriele Klewin, Klaus-Jürgen Tillmann, Gail Weingart
        Pages 863-884
      3. Vittorio di Martino
        Pages 885-902
      4. Eric Dunning
        Pages 903-920
    10. Social Opportunity Structures: Institutions and Social Spaces

      1. Ralf Kölbel
        Pages 923-935
      2. François Dubet
        Pages 937-952

About this book


An international manual is like a world cruise: a once-in-a-lifetime experience. All the more reason to consider carefully whether it is necessary. This can hardly be the case if previous research in the selected field has already been the subject of an earlier review-or even several competing surveys. On the other hand, more thorough study is necessary if the intensity and scope of research are increasing without comprehensive assessments. That was the situation in Western societies when work began on this project in the summer of 1998. It was then, too, that the challenges emerged: any manual, espe­ cially an international one, is a very special type of text, which is anything but routine. It calls for a special effort: the "state of the art" has to be documented for selected subject areas, and its presentation made as compelling as possible. The editors were delighted, therefore, by the cooperation and commitment shown by the eighty-one contributors from ten countries who were recruited to write on the sixty-two different topics, by the con­ structive way in which any requests for changes were dealt with, and by the patient re­ sponse to our many queries. This volume is the result of a long process. It began with the first drafts outlining the structure of the work, which were submitted to various distinguished colleagues. Friedheim Neidhardt of Berlin, Gertrud Nunner-Winkler of Munich, and Roland Eckert of Trier, to name only a few, supplied valuable comments at this stage.  


Crime Criminal Violence Criminology Gang Hate Crime Ideologie Institution Nation Violence police politics public opinion

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