Natriuretic Peptides

The Hormones of the Heart

  • Aldo Clerico
  • Michele Emdin

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  2. Aldo Clerico, Michele Emdin
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  3. Aldo Clerico, Simona Vittorini
    Pages 21-64
  4. Aldo Clerico, Claudio Passino, Michele Emdin
    Pages 91-132
  5. Aldo Clerico, Claudio Passino, Michele Emdin
    Pages 133-160
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 179-184

About this book


The rapid knowledge in the field of neuro-humoral regulation of cardiovascular pathophysiology is changing the picture of current diagnosis and treatment of cardiac patients.

The emerging conceptual revolutionary idea is that heart acts not as a pump, merely, but as a "gland", that is as a regulator of circulatory homeostasis and salt-water balance.

Cardiovascular pathophysiology has to be written, indeed, on this basis: this physiology textbook gives an up-to-date description of the complexity and novelty of actual knowledge, with all its potential clinical implications.


Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) Brain natriuretic petide (BNP) Cardiac natriuretic hormones Diagnosis of cardiovascular disease Pathophyysiology of heart failure cardiovascular heart rate homeostasis

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