Football Traumatology

Current Concepts: from Prevention to Treatment

  • Piero Volpi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIX
  2. General Concepts

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Piero Volpi
      Pages 3-10
    3. Giuliano Cerulli, Auro Caraffa, Giovanni Zamarra, Fabiano Fantasia, Michela Lorenzini, Daniele Checcarelli et al.
      Pages 11-21
    4. Claudio Bordon
      Pages 23-31
    5. Fabio Pigozzi, Arrigo Giombini, Federica Fagnani, Valter di Salvo
      Pages 33-41
    6. István Berkes, Ákos Kynsburg, Gergely Pánics
      Pages 53-65
    7. Lars Engebretsen, Karin Steffen
      Pages 75-88
    8. Joäo Espregueria-Mendes, Carlos Arce
      Pages 89-100
    9. Mario Ferretti, Boris A. Zelle, Freddie H. Fu
      Pages 101-109
  3. Specific Injuries

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 111-111
    2. Roberto Brusati, Federico Biglioli
      Pages 113-122
    3. Piero Volpi, Roberto Pozzoni, Marco Galli, Corrado Bait
      Pages 123-126
    4. Raul Zini
      Pages 127-141
    5. Éric Rolland, Gérard Saillant
      Pages 143-151
    6. Davide Tornese, Gianluca Melegati, Piero Volpi
      Pages 153-164
    7. Murali Krishna Sayana, Nicola Maffulli
      Pages 165-182
    8. Andrea Ferretti, Angelo De Carli, Edoardo Monaco
      Pages 183-195
    9. Matteo Denti, Dario Lo Vetere
      Pages 197-203
    10. Paolo Aglietti, Francesco Giron, Pierluigi Cuomo
      Pages 205-215
    11. Maurilio Marcacci, Stefano Zaffagnini
      Pages 217-230
    12. Paolo Adravanti, Aldo Ampollini
      Pages 231-244
    13. Pier Paolo Mariani, Fabrizio Margheritini
      Pages 245-253
    14. Lars Peterson, Christian Ernest
      Pages 255-261
    15. Alfredo Schiavone Panni, Mario Tartarone, Alessandro Antonio Patricola, Daniele Santaiti
      Pages 263-274
    16. Séastien Lustig, Tarik Ait Si Selmi, Elvire Servien, Giuseppe Trotta, Philippe Neyret
      Pages 275-285
    17. Karl P. Benedetto
      Pages 287-295
    18. Filippo Castoldi, Roberto Rossi, Antongiulio Marmotti, Rainero Del Din, Paolo Rossi
      Pages 297-305
    19. Alberto Ventura, Albino Lanzetta
      Pages 307-318
    20. Maartje Zengerink, C. Niek van Dijk
      Pages 319-332
    21. Eric Giza, Bert Mandelbaum
      Pages 333-351
    22. Sandro Giannini, Alberto Ferruzzi, Massimiliano Mosca, Chiara Biagini
      Pages 353-364
    23. Francesco Benazzo, Mario Mosconi, Giacomo Zanon
      Pages 365-374
    24. Suzanne Werner
      Pages 375-387
    25. Angelo Cacchio, Gianluca Melegati, Piero Volpi
      Pages 389-399
    26. Donald T. Kirkendall
      Pages 401-415
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 417-419

About this book


Football is probably the most widespread sport in the world: youngsters, adults, women, amateurs, beginners, professionals all make up a legion of practitioners. Lesions associated with football are on the increase and their typology has also changed over the years. Football, like many other sports, has undergone major changes: the increase in the intensity and speed of the game, the modern training methodologies, the technical and tactical innovations are all factors contributing to increased risks of traumatic injury. The footballers, the trainers, the sport's medical staff are asking for greater information and knowledge on the traumatic lesions associated with this sport. The primary role of those who are concerned with the health of footballers is to enforce preventive measures to reduce wherever possible the risks of trauma.


ankle biomechanics cartilage foot football fracture instability knee prevention rehabilitation shoulder stress training trauma traumatology

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