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Input/Output Intensive Massively Parallel Computing

Language Support, Automatic Parallelization, Advanced Optimization, and Runtime Systems

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1220)

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Massively parallel processing is currently the most promising answer to the quest for increased computer performance. This has resulted in the development of new programming languages and programming environments and has stimulated the design and production of massively parallel supercomputers. The efficiency of concurrent computation and input/output essentially depends on the proper utilization of specific architectural features of the underlying hardware. This book focuses on development of runtime systems supporting execution of parallel code and on supercompilers automatically parallelizing code written in a sequential language. Fortran has been chosen for the presentation of the material because of its dominant role in high-performance programming for scientific and engineering applications.


Automatic Parallelization Auutomatische Parallelisierung Compiler Fortran High Perfromance Fortran Hochleistungs-Fortran Massiv-paralleles Rechnen Massively Parallel Computing Para Parallel Input/Output Parallel Programming Languages Parallele Programmiersprachen parallel programming programming programming language

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