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Dye Lasers: 25 Years

  • Editors
  • Michael Stuke

Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 70)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XVI
  2. J. Glownia, J. Misewich, R. Walkup, M. Kaschke, P. Sorokin, F. P. Schäfer et al.
    Pages 1-18
  3. S. K. Shin, Y. Chen, E. Böhmer, C. Wittig
    Pages 57-76
  4. V. Magni, S. De Silvestri, A. Cybo-Ottone, M. Nisoli, O. Svelto
    Pages 77-86
  5. Z. Bor, Z. L. Horváth
    Pages 87-94
  6. T. Elsaesser, W. Kaiser
    Pages 95-109
  7. S. Szatmári
    Pages 129-140
  8. F. K. Tittel, T. Hofmann, T. E. Sharp, P. J. Wisoff, W. L. Wilson, G. Szabó
    Pages 141-152
  9. V. S. Letokhov
    Pages 153-168
  10. V. Beutel, G. Bhale, W. Demtröder, H. -A. Eckel, J. Gress, M. Kuhn
    Pages 169-181
  11. H. J. Neusser, E. Riedle, T. Weber, E. W. Schlag
    Pages 205-212
  12. J. Kuhl, M. Klingenstein, M. Lambsdorff, J. Rosenzweig, C. Moglestue, A. Axmann
    Pages 213-224

About this book


In Dye Lasers: 25 years, the pioneers and leading experts in the field of dye lasers present the current status and bright future perspectives of dye lasers and their applications in physics and chemistry. Particular topics covered include: new sources of ultrashort pulses, novel aspects of resonator design and imaging for femtosecond lasers, amplification schemes to terawatt intensity regimes, optics and high-resolution spectroscopy of atoms and molecules, and electro-optic and plasma physics applications of ultrashort and ultra-intense laser pulses. Since its invention in 1966, the dye laser has revolutionized many fields of science and technology. Questions of fundamental interest in physics and chemistry can now be answered: it is possible to test fundamental quantum physics in single-atom experiments and regioselective photochemistry in complexes can be monitored directlyusing dye-laser diagnostic methods. In this book the latest results (and most recent references) are presented for new sources of ultrashort pulses from the visible to the VUV, together with experimental details of ultrahigh-resolution spectroscopy of atoms and molecules, laser diagnostics of the dynamics of elementary chemical reactions, and ultrahigh intensity sources for laser target interaction.


dye lasers laser diagnostics optics spectroscopy ultrashort pulses Absorption atom chemistry design femtosecond laser laser laser spectroscopy photochemistry photodiode physics quantum physics scattering technology

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