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Information Security and Cryptology — ICISC 2001

4th International Conference Seoul, Korea, December 6–7,2001 Proceedings

  • Kwangjo Kim
Conference proceedings ICISC 2001

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 2288)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIII
  2. David Pointcheval
    Pages 1-17
  3. Seonhee Lee, Seokhie Hong, Sangjin Lee, Jongin Lim, Seonhee Yoon
    Pages 32-38
  4. Jung Hee Cheon, MunJu Kim, Kwangjo Kim, Jung-Yeun Lee, SungWoo Kang
    Pages 39-49
  5. Sabine Leveiller, Joseph Boutros, Philippe Guillot, Gilles Zémor
    Pages 50-50
  6. Johannes Buchmann, Kouichi Sakurai, Tsuyoshi Takagi
    Pages 51-71
  7. Dug-Hwan Choi, Seungbok Choi, Dongho Won
    Pages 72-80
  8. Mototsugu Nishioka, Hisayoshi Satoh, Kouichi Sakurai
    Pages 81-102
  9. Jaechul Sung, Sangjin Lee, Jongin Lim, Wonil Lee, Okyeon Yi
    Pages 103-113
  10. Christopher Krügel, Thomas Toth, Clemens Kerer
    Pages 114-131
  11. Vorapranee Khu-smith, Chris Mitchell
    Pages 132-145
  12. Yang-Seo Choi, Dong-il Seo, Sung-Won Sohn
    Pages 146-159
  13. Hartono Kurnio, Rei Safavi-Naini, Huaxiong Wang
    Pages 160-177
  14. Gérard Cohen, Simon Litsyn, Gilles Zémor
    Pages 178-185
  15. Jarek Pastuszak, Darek Michałek, Josef Pieprzyk
    Pages 186-199
  16. Hyejoung Yoo, Kwangsoo Lee, Sangjin Lee, Jongin Lim
    Pages 200-213
  17. Josef Pieprzyk, Xian-Mo Zhang
    Pages 226-243
  18. Clemente Galdi, Pino Persiano
    Pages 244-257

About these proceedings


Annually sponsored by the Korea Institute of Information Security and Crypt- ogy (KIISC), the fourth International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology (ICISC2001) was held at the 63 Building in Seoul, Korea, Dec- ber 6–7, 2001. The 63 Building, consisting of 60 stories above the ground and 3 stories underground, stands soaring up into the sky on the island of Youido, the Manhattan of Korea, and ranks by far the tallest of all buildings in the country. The program committee received 102 submissions from 17 countries and regions (Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, UK, and USA), of which 32 were selected for presentation in 8 sessions. All submissions were anonymously reviewed by at least 3 experts in the relevant areas. There was one invited talk by David Pointcheval (ENS, France) on “Practical Security in Public-Key Cryptography”. We are very grateful to all the program committee members who devoted much e?ort and valuable time to reading and selecting the papers. These p- ceedingscontainthe?nalversionofeachpaperrevisedaftertheconference.Since the revised versions were not checked by the program committee rigorously, the authors must bear full responsibility for the contents of their papers.


DES Informtion security Signcryption Substitution algorithms authentication cryptanalysis cryptographic cryptography cryptology cryptosystems data encryption data security information security systems security

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  • Kwangjo Kim
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  1. 1.International Research center for Information Security (IRIS)Information and Communications University (ICU)DaejeonKorea

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