Basic Methods for the Biochemical Lab

  • Martin¬†Holtzhauer

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About this book


Basic Methods for the Biochemical Lab elucidates proven lab procedures and practical hints for research in analytical and preparative biochemistry, as well as summarizing key data in numerous tables. To further emphasize the practical aspects and to minimize the text, theoretical introductions into the methods are mostly omitted.

The chapters cover: quantitative methods (proteins, nucleic acids, phospholipids and carbohydrates), electrophoresis (several polyacrylamide and agarose systems, 2D-PAGE, detection methods and affinity electrophoresis), chromatographic protocols (thin-layer chromatography, GPC, IEC, affinity chromatography, HPLC), immunochemical protocols (hapten-carrier and enzyme conjugation, immunization and antibody purification, immune affinity chromatography, ELISA), centrifugation (differential and density gradient centrifugation for cells and cellular fractions), radioactivity (labeling and counting), buffers (buffer properties and compositions).

In additional chapters, tables compile a broad array of useful information, e.g. SI units conversion factor, detergent, protein and nucleotide data, and the basic principles of statistics and enzyme and receptor kinetics are reviewed.

This first English-language edition of a successful German-language manual will be a valuable resource for students and experts in biochemistry, biotechnology and biomedical laboratories.


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