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High Noon in the Automotive Industry


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"From our point of view, the book provides a very interesting assessment of the current and future development of the competitive situation in the global automotive industry. It particularly makes clear that the Western sales markets can only return to a growth course by means of technical innovations and the further development of the product "automobile". This means that innovations to secure and extend individual manufacturers` market positions are absolutely necessary as part of the constantly intensifying elimination of competition in the automotive industry."

Prof. Dr.-Ing., Henning Wallentowitz, Director, Institut für Kraftfahrwesen, Aachen, Germany

"A book extremely worth reading for all those interested in the future of the global automotive industry - manufacturers, suppliers, the retail and service sectors, etc. It is particularly valuable because it is the first study to analyze the development of the industry from a global perspective and to give a blunt but realistic prognosis of the consequences of the coming intensified competition among the remaining 12 manufacturers ... For Bosch, it is particularly important that securing competitiveness in Germany, as a production location, requires all those involved to rethink in the long term. The competition with low-cost countries leaves us no choice!"

Dr. Adolf Ahnefeld, Executive Director, Corporate Development, Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany 

"This book is extremely worth reading. Firstly, because the competitive situation is presented from a global perspective for the first fime, rather than from the point of view of a single country or company. Secondly, it is the first attempt to evaluate the individual manufacturers` chances for the future in a cross-comparison. And finally, it is written by an "old-school economist" who has experienced the industry`s heyday as well as the emerging predatory competition of the last three decades at first hand, as an insider. The book provides  valuable information in an understandable style and entertaining form, but also makes clear statements on the tough consequences of global competition for the automotive manufacturers and the supply industry. Recommended reading for everyone in risk and asset management in the financial industry."

 Dr. Kurt Demmer, Chief Economist, Industriekreditbank (IHK), Düsseldorf, Germany


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Dr. Helmut Becker is a world-renowned expert on the automotive industry. He has served on the staff of the German Council of Economic Advisors. As Chief Economist at BMW, he headed the Corporate Economic Research and Policy department for several of his twenty plus years there. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Business Relations Company AG, and in addition, runs his own institute for economic analysis. Dr. Becker holds degrees in Economics and Business Studies and a PhD in Political Science.

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