Security and Cryptography for Networks

5th International Conference, SCN 2006, Maiori, Italy, September 6-8, 2006. Proceedings

  • Roberto De Prisco
  • Moti Yung
Conference proceedings SCN 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4116)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Distributed Systems Security: Foundations

    1. Amos Beimel, Matthew Franklin
      Pages 1-17
    2. Alejandro Hevia
      Pages 18-33
  3. Signature Schemes Variants

    1. Kaoru Kurosawa, Swee-Huay Heng
      Pages 34-48
    2. Aggelos Kiayias, Hong-Sheng Zhou
      Pages 49-62
    3. Fabien Laguillaumie, Benoît Libert, Jean-Jacques Quisquater
      Pages 63-77
  4. Block Ciphers Analysis

    1. Joan Daemen, Vincent Rijmen
      Pages 78-94
    2. Jiqiang Lu, Changhoon Lee, Jongsung Kim
      Pages 95-110
  5. Anonymity and E-Commerce

    1. Man Ho Au, Willy Susilo, Yi Mu
      Pages 111-125
    2. Amir Herzberg, Igal Yoffe
      Pages 126-140
    3. Jan Camenisch, Susan Hohenberger, Anna Lysyanskaya
      Pages 141-155
  6. Public Key Encryption and Key Exchange

    1. Sébastien Kunz-Jacques, David Pointcheval
      Pages 156-172
    2. Sébastien Kunz-Jacques, David Pointcheval
      Pages 186-200
  7. Secret Sharing

    1. Roberto De Prisco, Alfredo De Santis
      Pages 216-228
    2. S. Dov Gordon, Jonathan Katz
      Pages 229-241
  8. Symmetric Key Cryptanalysis and Randomness

    1. Jongsung Kim, Alex Biryukov, Bart Preneel, Seokhie Hong
      Pages 242-256
    2. Joan Daemen, Gilles Van Assche
      Pages 257-270
    3. F. El Haje, Y. Golubev, P. -Y. Liardet, Y. Teglia
      Pages 271-287
  9. Applied Authentication

    1. Ben Adida, David Chau, Susan Hohenberger, Ronald L. Rivest
      Pages 288-302
    2. Daniel V. Bailey, Ari Juels
      Pages 303-320
    3. Walid Bagga, Stefano Crosta, Refik Molva
      Pages 321-335
  10. Public Key Related Cryptanalysis

    1. Olivier Billet, Henri Gilbert
      Pages 336-347
    2. Éric Levieil, Pierre-Alain Fouque
      Pages 348-359
  11. Invited Talk

    1. Ivan Damgård
      Pages 360-364
  12. Back Matter

About these proceedings


The Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks 2006 (SCN 2006) was held in Maiori, Italy, on September 6-8, 2006. The conference was the ?fth in the SCN series, and this year marked a change in its name (the former name was Security in Communication Networks). The name change meant to better describe the scope of the conference while preserving the SCN acronym. This year for the ?rst time we had the proceedings volume ready at the conference. We feel thatthe SCN conferencehas maturedandthat it has becomea tradition to hold it regularly in the beautiful setting of the Amal?tan coast as a biennial event. Theconferencebroughttogetherresearchersinthe?eldsofcryptographyand security in order to foster the extension of cooperation and exchange of ideas among them, aiming at assuring safety and trustworthiness of communication networks. The topics covered by the conference this year included: foundations of distributed systems security, signatures schemes, block ciphers, anonymity, e-commerce, public key encryption and key exchange, secret sharing, symmetric and public key cryptanalysis, randomness, authentication. The international Program Committee consisted of 24 members who are top experts in the conference ?elds. We received 81 submissions amongst which 24 papers were selected for presentation at the conference. These proceedings - clude the extended abstract versions of the 24 accepted papers and the short abstract of the invited talk by Ivan Damg? ard.


AES Advanced Encryption Standard Communication Security DES Digital Signature Schemes Distributed Systems Security HAVAL Multiparty Computation Network Security Public Key Cryptography Secure Communication Secure Networking cryptography cryptology

Editors and affiliations

  • Roberto De Prisco
    • 1
  • Moti Yung
    • 2
  1. 1.Dipartimento di Informatica ed ApplicazioniUniversità di SalernoFisciano (SA)Italy
  2. 2.Computer Science DepartmentGoogle Inc. and Columbia UniversityNew YorkUSA

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