Intelligent Virtual Agents

6th International Conference, IVA 2006, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA, August 21-23, 2006. Proceedings

  • Jonathan Gratch
  • Michael Young
  • Ruth Aylett
  • Daniel Ballin
  • Patrick Olivier
Conference proceedings IVA 2006

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4133)

Also part of the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence book sub series (LNAI, volume 4133)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Social Impact of IVAs

    1. H. C. van Vugt, E. A. Konijn, J. F. Hoorn, J. Veldhuis
      Pages 1-13
    2. Jonathan Gratch, Anna Okhmatovskaia, Francois Lamothe, Stacy Marsella, Mathieu Morales, R. J. van der Werf et al.
      Pages 14-27
  3. IVAs Recognizing Human Behavior

    1. Mohammed E. Hoque, Mohammed Yeasin, Max M. Louwerse
      Pages 42-53
    2. Li Zhang, John A. Barnden, Robert J. Hendley, Alan M. Wallington
      Pages 68-79
  4. Human Interpretation of IVA Behavior

    1. Stacy C. Marsella, Sharon Marie Carnicke, Jonathan Gratch, Anna Okhmatovskaia, Albert Rizzo
      Pages 80-92
    2. Stéphanie Buisine, Sarkis Abrilian, Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Jean-Claude Martin, Laurence Devillers, Catherine Pelachaud
      Pages 93-106
    3. Zhigang Deng, Jeremy Bailenson, J. P. Lewis, Ulrich Neumann
      Pages 107-120
  5. Embodied Conversational Agents

    1. Ronakkumar Patel, Anton Leuski, David Traum
      Pages 121-131
    2. Lee McCauley, Sidney D’Mello
      Pages 132-144
    3. Jean-Paul Sansonnet, David Leray, Jean-Claude Martin
      Pages 145-156
    4. Sabarish Babu, Stephen Schmugge, Tiffany Barnes, Larry F. Hodges
      Pages 169-180
  6. Characteristics of Nonverbal Behavior

    1. Nicolas Ech Chafai, Catherine Pelachaud, Danielle Pelé, Gaspard Breton
      Pages 181-192
  7. Behavior Representation Languages

    1. Stefan Kopp, Brigitte Krenn, Stacy Marsella, Andrew N. Marshall, Catherine Pelachaud, Hannes Pirker et al.
      Pages 205-217
    2. Michael Nischt, Helmut Prendinger, Elisabeth André, Mitsuru Ishizuka
      Pages 218-229
  8. Generation of Nonverbal Behavior with Speech

  9. IVAs in Serious Games

    1. Ning Wang, Stacy Marsella
      Pages 282-291
    2. Zsófia Ruttkay, Job Zwiers, Herwin van Welbergen, Dennis Reidsma
      Pages 292-303
    3. Ruth Aylett, Rui Figueiredo, Sandy Louchart, João Dias, Ana Paiva
      Pages 304-315
  10. Cognition and Emotion I

    1. Stephen Read, Lynn Miller, Brian Monroe, Aaron Brownstein, Wayne Zachary, Jean-Christophe LeMentec et al.
      Pages 316-328
    2. Benny Ping-Han Lee, Edward Chao-Chun Kao, Von-Wun Soo
      Pages 329-342
    3. Patrick Gebhard, Kerstin H. Kipp
      Pages 343-356
    4. Jennifer Sandercock, Lin Padgham, Fabio Zambetta
      Pages 357-368
  11. Cognition and Emotion II

    1. Mei Si, Stacy C. Marsella, David V. Pynadath
      Pages 369-382
    2. Wan Ching Ho, Scott Watson
      Pages 383-394
  12. Applications of IVAs

    1. Lynne Hall, Marco Vala, Marc Hall, Marc Webster, Sarah Woods, Adrian Gordon et al.
      Pages 407-419
    2. Michael Kipp, Kerstin H. Kipp, Alassane Ndiaye, Patrick Gebhard
      Pages 434-444
  13. Invited Talks

  14. Posters

    1. Dilyana Budakova, Lyudmil Dakovski
      Pages 450-450
    2. Gianni Cozzolongo, Berardina De Carolis
      Pages 451-451
    3. Elizabeth A. Crane, M. Melissa Gross, Barbara L. Fredrickson
      Pages 452-452
    4. Pablo Lucas dos Anjos, Ruth Aylett
      Pages 453-453
    5. Agneta Gulz, Magnus Haake
      Pages 455-455
    6. Yu-Cheng Hsu, Paul Hsueh-Min Chang, Von-Wun Soo
      Pages 457-457
    7. Ryo Ishii, Toshimitsu Miyajima, Kinya Fujita, Yukiko Nakano
      Pages 458-458
    8. Patrick Jeuniaux, Max M. Louwerse, Xiangen Hu
      Pages 459-460
    9. Lynn C. Miller, Stephen J. Read, Wayne Zachary, Jean-Christophe LeMentec, Vassil Iordanov, Andrew Rosoff et al.
      Pages 461-461

About these proceedings


The origin of the Intelligent Virtual Agents conference dates from a successful workshop on Intelligent Virtual Environments held in Brighton, UK at the 13th European Conference on Arti?cial Intelligence (ECAI’98). This workshop was followed by a second one held in Salford in Manchester, UK in 1999.Subsequent events took place in Madrid, Spain in 2001, Isree, Germany in 2003 and Kos, Greece in 2005. Starting in 2006, Intelligent Virtual Agents moved from being a biennial to an annual event and became a full ?edged international conference, hosted in California. This volume contains the proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, IVA 2006, held in Marina del Rey, California, USA from August 21–23.For the second year in a row,IVA also hosted the Gathering of Animated Lifelike Agents (GALA 2006), an annual festival to showcase the latest animated lifelike agents created by university students and academic or industrial research groups. IVA 2006 received 73 submissions from Europe, the AmericasandAsia.Thepaperspublishedherearethe24fullpapersand11short papers presented at the conference, as well as one-page descriptions of posters and the featured invited talks by Brian Parkinson of Oxford University, Rod Humble of Electronic Arts, and Michael Mateas of the University of California, Santa Cruz and Andrew Stern of Procedural Arts.


Alignment MAS Serious Games animation systems behavior description cognition emotional agents intelligent agents intelligent interfaces intelligent tutoring systems learning machine learning mobile agents modeling robot

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