Advances in Data Mining. Applications in Medicine, Web Mining, Marketing, Image and Signal Mining

6th Industrial Conference on Data Mining, ICDM 2006, Leipzig, Germany, July 14-15, 2006. Proceedings

  • Petra Perner
Conference proceedings ICDM 2006

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Also part of the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence book sub series (LNAI, volume 4065)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Data Mining in Medicine

  3. Web Mining and Logfile Analysis

    1. F. Fdez-Riverola, L. Borrajo, R. Laza, F. J. Rodríguez, D. Martínez
      Pages 91-105
    2. J. R. Méndez, F. Fdez-Riverola, F. Díaz, E. L. Iglesias, J. M. Corchado
      Pages 106-120
    3. Nick Geens, Johan Huysmans, Jan Vanthienen
      Pages 121-130
    4. Meike Reichle, Petra Perner, Klaus-Dieter Althoff
      Pages 131-145
    5. Enza Messina, Daniele Toscani, Francesco Archetti
      Pages 146-160
    6. Cristina Wanzeller, Orlando Belo
      Pages 161-175
  4. Theoretical Aspects of Data Mining

    1. Zhang Ji-Fu, Hu Li-Hua, Zhang Su-Lan
      Pages 191-201
    2. Tomáš Horváth, Peter Vojtáš
      Pages 217-225
    3. Gero Szepannek, Claus Weihs
      Pages 226-238
    4. Nils Goerke, Alexandra Scherbart
      Pages 250-263
    5. Ranadhir Ghosh, Moumita Ghosh, Adil Bagirov
      Pages 264-278
  5. Data Mining in Marketing

    1. Sung-Ju Kim, Dong-Sik Yun, Byung-Soo Chang
      Pages 279-283
    2. Juan José del Coz, Jorge Díez, Antonio Bahamonde, Carlos Sañudo, Matilde Alfonso, Philippe Berge et al.
      Pages 297-309
    3. Paola Annoni, Pier Alda Ferrari, Silvia Salini
      Pages 324-336
    4. Francisco Berlanga, María José del Jesus, Pedro González, Francisco Herrera, Mikel Mesonero
      Pages 337-349
    5. Rasha S. Abdule-Wahab, Nicolas Monmarché, Mohamed Slimane, Moaid A. Fahdil, Hilal H. Saleh
      Pages 350-364
    6. Agustín Orfila, Javier Carbó, Arturo Ribagorda
      Pages 377-388
  6. Mining Signals and Images

  7. Aspects of Data Mining

    1. Xie Zhi-jun, Chen Hong, Cuiping Li
      Pages 474-491
    2. Geert Gins, Jairo Espinosa, Ilse Y. Smets, Wim Van Brempt, Jan F. M. Van Impe
      Pages 506-510
    3. Pedro Ferreira, Ronnie Alves, Orlando Belo, Luís Cortesão
      Pages 526-538
    4. Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Björn Decker, Alexandre Hanft, Jens Mänz, Régis Newo, Markus Nick et al.
      Pages 539-547
    5. Paolo Baldini, Silvia Figini, Paolo Giudici
      Pages 548-560
    6. Joon Hur, Hongchul Lee, Jun-Geol Baek
      Pages 561-575
    7. H. Bunke, P. Dickinson, A. Humm, Ch. Irniger, M. Kraetzl
      Pages 576-590
  8. Back Matter

About these proceedings


The Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM-Leipzig was the sixth event in a series of annual events which started in 2000. We are pleased to note that the topic data mining with special emphasis on real-world applications has been adopted by so many researchers all over the world into their research work. We received 156 papers from 19 different countries. The main topics are data mining in medicine and marketing, web mining, mining of images and signals, theoretical aspects of data mining, and aspects of data mining that bundle a series of different data mining applications such as intrusion detection, knowledge management, manufacturing process control, time-series mining and criminal investigations. The Program Committee worked hard in order to select the best papers. The acceptance rate was 30%. All these selected papers are published in this proceedings volume as long papers up to 15 pages. Moreover we installed a forum where work in progress was presented. These papers are collected in a special poster proceedings volume and show once more the potentials and interesting developments of data mining for different applications. Three new workshops have been established in connection with ICDM: (1) Mass Data Analysis on Images and Signals, MDA 2006; (2) Data Mining for Life Sciences, DMLS 2006; and (3) Data Mining in Marketing, DMM 2006. These workshops are developing new topics for data mining under the aspect of the special application. We are pleased to see how many interesting developments are going on in these fields.


Alignment Fuzzy Performance algorithmic learning business data mining classification clustering communication data mining e-learning intrusion detection knowledge management log data mining multidimensional scaling robot

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