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Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection

8th International Symposium, RAID 2005, Seattle, WA, USA, September 7-9, 2005. Revised Papers

  • Alfonso Valdes
  • Diego Zamboni
Conference proceedings RAID 2005

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3858)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Worm Detection and Containment (I)

    1. Xuxian Jiang, Dongyan Xu, Helen J. Wang, Eugene H. Spafford
      Pages 1-21
    2. Cynthia Wong, Stan Bielski, Ahren Studer, Chenxi Wang
      Pages 22-42
  3. Anomaly Detection

    1. Eric Totel, Frédéric Majorczyk, Ludovic Mé
      Pages 43-62
    2. Debin Gao, Michael K. Reiter, Dawn Song
      Pages 63-81
  4. Intrusion Prevention and Response

    1. Michael E. Locasto, Ke Wang, Angelos D. Keromytis, Salvatore J. Stolfo
      Pages 82-101
    2. Tadeusz Pietraszek, Chris Vanden Berghe
      Pages 124-145
  5. System Call-Based Intrusion Detection

    1. Simon P. Chung, Aloysius K. Mok
      Pages 165-184
    2. Jonathon T. Giffin, David Dagon, Somesh Jha, Wenke Lee, Barton P. Miller
      Pages 185-206
  6. Worm Detection and Containment (II)

    1. Christopher Kruegel, Engin Kirda, Darren Mutz, William Robertson, Giovanni Vigna
      Pages 207-226
    2. Ke Wang, Gabriela Cretu, Salvatore J. Stolfo
      Pages 227-246
  7. Network-Based Intrusion Detection

    1. Seung-Sun Hong, S. Felix Wu
      Pages 247-264
    2. Chris Muelder, Kwan-Liu Ma, Tony Bartoletti
      Pages 265-283
    3. Ramkumar Chinchani, Eric van den Berg
      Pages 284-308
  8. Mobile and Wireless Networks

    1. Fanglu Guo, Tzi-cker Chiueh
      Pages 309-329
    2. Chinyang Henry Tseng, Tao Song, Poornima Balasubramanyam, Calvin Ko, Karl Levitt
      Pages 330-350
  9. Back Matter

About these proceedings


On behalf of the Program Committee, it is our pleasure to present the proceedings of the 8th Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (RAID 2005), which took place in Seattle, Washington, USA, September 7-9, 2005. The symposium brought together leading researchers and practitioners from academia, government and industry to discuss intrusion detection from research as well as commercial prospectives. We also encouraged discussions that addressed issues that arise when studying intrusion detection, including monitoring, performance and validation, from a wider perspective. We had sessions on the detection and containment of Internet worm attacks, anomaly detection, automated response to intrusions, host-based intrusion detection using system calls, network intrusion detection, and intrusion detection, in mobile wireless networks. The RAID 2005 Program Committee received 83 paper submissions from all over the world. All submissions were carefully reviewed by several members of Program Committee and selection was made on the basis of scientific novelty, importance to the field, and technical quality. Final selection took place at a Program Committee meeting held on May 11 and 12 in Oakland, California. Fifteen papers and two practical experience reports were selected for presentation and publication in the conference proceedings. The keynote address was given by Phil Attfield of the Northwest Security Institute.


Code Information Internet RAID anomaly detection cryptographic attacks intrusion detection intrusion prevention mimicry attacks network intrusion network security port scan detection privacy secure communications worm detection

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  • Alfonso Valdes
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  • Diego Zamboni
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  1. 1.SRI InternationalMenlo ParkUSA
  2. 2.IBM Research LaboratoryRüschlikonSwitzerland

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