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  3. Contributed Papers

    1. Pilu Crescenzi, Miriam Di Ianni, Alessandro Lazzoni, Paolo Penna, Gianluca Rossi, Paola Vocca
      Pages 4-17
    2. Peng Fan, James G. Haran, John Dillenburg, Peter C. Nelson
      Pages 32-42
    3. Thomas Fevens, Alaa Eddien Abdallah, Badr Naciri Bennani
      Pages 43-56
    4. Peter Giese, Ioanis Nikolaidis
      Pages 57-70
    5. Matthias Grünewald, Feng Xu, Ulrich Rückert
      Pages 71-84
    6. Rui Huang, Gergely V. Záruba
      Pages 85-98
    7. Kennie H. Jones, Kenneth N. Lodding, Stephan Olariu, Larry Wilson, Chunsheng Xin
      Pages 99-112
    8. Yong Ho Kim, Mu Hyun Kim, Dong Hoon Lee, Changwook Kim
      Pages 113-126
    9. Junghoon Lee, Mikyung Kang, Gyungleen Park
      Pages 141-152
    10. Seung Jae Lee, Joo Sang Youn, Seok Hyun Jung, Jihoon Lee, Chul Hee Kang
      Pages 153-163
    11. Zhenjiang Li, J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
      Pages 164-177
    12. Rolando Menchaca-Mendez, Ravindra Vaishampayan, J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Katia Obraczka
      Pages 178-191
    13. Joon-Sang Park, Mario Gerla
      Pages 207-220
    14. Chris Roadknight, Antonio Gonzalez, Laura Parrot, Steve Boult, Ian Marshall
      Pages 235-243
    15. Stefan Rührup, Christian Schindelhauer, Klaus Volbert
      Pages 244-257
    16. Christian Schindelhauer, Kerstin Voß
      Pages 271-284
    17. Il-Hee Shin, Chae-Woo Lee
      Pages 285-296
    18. Kulpreet Singh, Andronikos Nedos, Gregor Gärtner, Siobhán Clarke
      Pages 297-310
    19. Bin Tang, Samir Das, Himanshu Gupta
      Pages 334-348
    20. Shihong Zou, Le Tian, Shiduan Cheng, Yu Lin
      Pages 349-357
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