Image Analysis and Recognition

Second International Conference, ICIAR 2005, Toronto, Canada, September 28-30, 2005. Proceedings

  • Mohamed Kamel
  • Aurélio Campilho
Conference proceedings ICIAR 2005

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3656)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Image Segmentation

    1. Sokratis Makrogiannis, Nikolaos Bourbakis
      Pages 1-8
    2. Adel Hafiane, Bertrand Zavidovique
      Pages 17-23
    3. Yuheng Sha, Lin Cong, Qiang Sun, Licheng Jiao
      Pages 32-39
    4. Li Chen, Yue Zhou, Yonggang Wang
      Pages 40-47
    5. Xiangrong Zhang, Tan Shan, Shuang Wang, Licheng Jiao
      Pages 48-54
    6. David Cuesta Frau, María Ángeles Hernández-Fenollosa, Pau Micó Tormos, Jordi Linares-Pellicer
      Pages 55-62
  3. Image and Video Processing and Analysis

    1. Fu Jin, Paul Fieguth, Lowell Winger
      Pages 73-80
    2. Samuel Morillas, Valentín Gregori, Guillermo Peris-Fajarnés, Pedro Latorre
      Pages 81-90
    3. Dongwook Cho, Tien D. Bui, Guangyi Chen
      Pages 91-98
    4. Chaoqiang Liu, Tao Xia, Hui Li
      Pages 99-106
    5. Zhenlong Du, Xueying qin, Hai Lin, Hujun Bao
      Pages 107-115
    6. Jeongho Shin, Sunghyun Hwang, Seong-Won Lee, Joonki Paik
      Pages 125-132
    7. Q. H. Zhang, S. Gao, Tien D. Bui
      Pages 133-140
    8. Ohyun Kwon, Jeongho Shin, Joonki Paik
      Pages 141-148
    9. M. Ghazel, G. H. Freeman, E. R. Vrscay, R. K. Ward
      Pages 149-158
    10. P. Ensafi, H. R. Tizhoosh
      Pages 159-166
    11. Yun Zhai, Mubarak Shah
      Pages 167-173
    12. Mark Antunes, Michael Trachtenberg, Gabriel Thomas, Tina Shoa
      Pages 174-181
    13. Dihua Xi, Mohamed Kamel, Seong-Whan Lee
      Pages 182-190
    14. Mazen Almaoui, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis
      Pages 191-198
    15. Shu-Chang Xu, Xiuzi Ye, Yin Wu, Sanyuan Zhang
      Pages 199-206
    16. Sang Gu Kwon, Woong Il Choi, Byeungwoo Jeon
      Pages 207-214
    17. Pavel S. Zvonarev, Ilia V. Apalkov, Vladimir V. Khryashchev, Irina V. Reznikova
      Pages 223-230
    18. Hai-yan Jin, Xiao-hui Yang, Li-cheng Jiao, Fang Liu
      Pages 239-246
    19. Héctor Cruz-Enriquez, Juan V. Lorenzo-Ginori
      Pages 247-254
    20. Hongxun Yao, Min-Yu Huseh, Guilin Yao, Yazhou Liu
      Pages 255-262
    21. Tan Shan, Licheng Jiao
      Pages 263-269
    22. André R. Gomes e Silva, Rafael Dueire Lins
      Pages 278-285
  4. Image and Video Coding

    1. Kyung-Won Kang, Kwang-Seok Moon, Gwang-Seok Jung, Jong-Nam Kim
      Pages 294-301
    2. Rafael Dueire Lins, Daniel Marques Oliveira
      Pages 310-319
    3. Xin-Gang Liu, Kook-Yeol Yoo, Kwang-Deok Seo
      Pages 320-327
    4. Nathanael J. Brittain, Mahmoud R. El-Sakka
      Pages 328-334
    5. Sabina Hosic, Aykut Hocanin, Hasan Demirel
      Pages 335-342
    6. Canhui Cai, Jing Chen
      Pages 351-358
    7. Zhi-gang Li, Zhao-yang Zhang, Biao Wu, Ying Zhang
      Pages 359-366
    8. Haiyan Li, Mei Wen, Chunyuan Zhang, Nan Wu, Li Li, Changqing Xun
      Pages 367-374
    9. Soo-Wook Jang, Gwang-Soon Lee, Eun-Su Kim, Sung-Hak Lee, Kyu-Ik Sohng
      Pages 375-382
    10. Linjian Mo, Haixiang Zhang, Jiajun Bu, Chun Chen
      Pages 383-390
  5. Shape and Matching

    1. Nikom Suvonvorn, Samia Bouchafa, Bertrand Zavidovique
      Pages 391-398

About these proceedings


ICIAR 2005, the International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, was the second ICIAR conference, and was held in Toronto, Canada. ICIAR is organized annually, and alternates between Europe and North America. ICIAR 2004 was held in Porto, Portugal. The idea of o?ering these conferences came as a result of discussion between researchers in Portugal and Canada to encourage collaboration and exchange, mainly between these two countries, but also with the open participation of other countries, addressing recent advances in theory, methodology and applications. TheresponsetothecallforpapersforICIAR2005wasencouraging.From295 full papers submitted, 153 were ?nally accepted (80 oral presentations, and 73 posters). The review process was carried out by the Program Committee m- bersandotherreviewers;allareexpertsinvariousimageanalysisandrecognition areas. Each paper was reviewed by at least two reviewers, and also checked by the conference co-chairs. The high quality of the papers in these proceedings is attributed ?rst to the authors,and second to the quality of the reviews provided by the experts. We would like to thank the authors for responding to our call, andwewholeheartedlythankthe reviewersfor theirexcellentwork,andfortheir timely response. It is this collective e?ort that resulted in the strong conference program and high-quality proceedings in your hands.


3D 3D imaging Augmented Reality biometrics classifier systems color analysis computer vision document analysis face recognition feature extraction image analysis image indexing image sequences real-time

Editors and affiliations

  • Mohamed Kamel
    • 1
  • Aurélio Campilho
    • 2
  1. 1.Electrical and Computer Engineering DepartmentUniversity of Waterloo 
  2. 2.FEUP - Faculdade de EngenhariaUniversidade do PortoPortoPortugal

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