Space Weather

Research Towards Applications in Europe

  • Jean Lilensten

Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 344)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. Peter T. Gallagher, R. T James McAteer, C. Alex Young, Jack Ireland, Russell J. Hewett, Paul Conlon
    Pages 15-26
  3. Rami Vainio, Neus Agueda, Angels Aran, David Lario
    Pages 27-37
  4. S. Poedts, B. van der Holst, C. Jacobs, E. Chané, G. Dubey, D. Kimpe
    Pages 39-48
  5. Joanna D. Haigh
    Pages 65-81
  6. Thomas Ulich, Mark A. Clilverd, Martin J. Jarvis, Henry Rishbeth
    Pages 95-105
  7. Eelco Doornbos
    Pages 107-114
  8. Sandro M. Radicella
    Pages 125-127
  9. Louis Bertel, Christian Brousseau, Yvon Erhel, Dominique Lemur, François Marie, Martial Oger
    Pages 147-168
  10. A.V. Mikhailov, V.H. Depuev, A.H. Depueva
    Pages 169-184
  11. D. Buresova, J. Lastovicka, G. De Franceschi
    Pages 185-202
  12. Y. Béniguel, J.-P. Adam
    Pages 203-216
  13. S. Bourdarie, V. Maget, R. Friedel, D. Boscher, A. Sicard, D. Lazaro
    Pages 219-229
  14. M. Menvielle, A. Marchaudon
    Pages 277-288
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 327-330

About this book


This book shows the state of the art in Europe on a very new discipline, Space Weather. This discipline lies at the edge between science and industry. This book reflects such a position, with theoretic papers and applicative papers as well. It is divided into 5 chapters. Each chapter starts with a short introduction, which shows the coherence of a given domain. Then, 4 to 5 contributions written by the best specialists in Europe give detailed hints of a hot topic in space weather.
From the reading of this book, it becomes evident that space weather is a living discipline, full of promises and already full of amazing realizations. The strength of Europe is clear through the book, but it is also clear that this discipline is world wide.


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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Planétologie de GrenobleFrance

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