Scientific detectors for astronomy 2005

Explorers of the Photon Odyssey

  • Jenna E. Beletic
  • James W. Beletic
  • Paola Amico
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-lxiv
  2. Observatory Status and Plans

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Douglas A. Simons, Paola Amico, Dietrich Baade, Sam Barden, Randall D. Campbell, Gert Finger et al.
      Pages 13-44
    3. John L. Tonry, Peter M. Onaka, Barry Burke, Gerard A. Luppino
      Pages 53-62
    4. D. Kirk Gilmore
      Pages 63-72
    5. Dietrich Baade, Optical Detector Team
      Pages 73-80
    6. Derek Ives
      Pages 81-86
    7. Martin M. Roth, Nicolas Cardiel, Javier Cenarro, Detlef Schönberner, Matthias Steffen
      Pages 99-108
    8. Bruce Atwood, Daniel Pappalardo, Mark A. Derwent, Thomas P. O'Brien
      Pages 109-116
    9. Philippe Balard, Philippe Amram, Olivier Boissin, Jacques Boulesteix, Olivier Daigle, Jean-Luc Gach et al.
      Pages 117-122
    10. Francis Beigbeder, Sylvain Rondi, Nadège Meunier, Michel Rieutord
      Pages 123-128
    11. Sebastian Deiries, Armin Silber, Olaf Iwert, Evi Hummel, Jean Louis Lizon
      Pages 129-136
    12. Philippe Feautrier, Eric Stadler, Pascal Puget
      Pages 137-142
    13. Jean Louis Lizon, Armin Silber
      Pages 143-146
    14. Klaus Reif, Günther Klink, Philipp Müller, Henning Poschmann
      Pages 147-152
    15. Roland Reiss, Sebastian Deiries, Jean Louis Lizon, Manfred Meyer, Javier Reyes, Roland Bacon et al.
      Pages 153-158
    16. Martin Riopel, Douglas Teeple, Jeff Ward
      Pages 159-164
    17. Roberto Speziali, Fernando Pedichini, Andrea Di Paola, Emanuele Giallongo, Roberto Ragazzoni, Andrea Baruffolo et al.
      Pages 165-170
    18. Marco Sirianni, Max Mutchler
      Pages 171-178
    19. Qian Song, Binxun Ye, Zhaowang Zhao
      Pages 179-186
    20. Massimo Robberto, Sylvia Baggett, Rebecca Blackmon, Tom Brown, Howard Bushouse, Gregory Delo et al.
      Pages 193-198
    21. J. Rainer Kramm, Horst Uwe Keller, Richard Bredthauer, Martin Tomasko
      Pages 199-204
  3. Non-Astronomical Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 206-206
    2. David Darson, Pascal Morfin, Martial Nicolas, Guillaume Cassabois, JérÔme Tignon, Ivan Favero et al.
      Pages 217-222
  4. CCDs

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 224-224
    2. Barry Burke, Paul Jorden, Paul Vu
      Pages 225-264
    3. Richard Bredthauer, Michael Lesser
      Pages 265-272
    4. William F. Kolbe, Steve E. Holland, Christopher J. Bebek
      Pages 273-280
    5. John L. Tonry, Barry Burke, Peter M. Onaka, Gerard A. Luppino
      Pages 281-292
    6. Robert Hartmann, Hubert Gorke, Norbert Meidinger, Heike Soltau, Lothar Strüder
      Pages 293-302
    7. Philippe Feautrier, Thierry Fusco, Mark Downing, Norbert Hubin, Jean-Luc Gach, Philippe Balard et al.
      Pages 315-320
    8. Mark Downing, Norbert Hubin, Markus Kasper, Paul Jorden, Peter Pool, Sandy Denney et al.
      Pages 321-328
    9. James W. Beletic, Sean Adkins, Barry Burke, Robert Reich, Bernie Kosicki, Vyshnavi Suntharalingham et al.
      Pages 329-336
    10. Brian McLeod, John Geary, Mark Ordway, Steven Amato, Maureen Conroy, Thomas Gauron
      Pages 337-344
    11. Olaf Iwert, Dietrich Baade, Andrea Balestra, Andrea Baruffolo, Alessandro Bortolussi, Fabrice Christen et al.
      Pages 345-352
    12. Ricardo E. Schmidt
      Pages 353-360
    13. Juan Estrada, Ricardo E. Schmidt
      Pages 361-368
    14. Andrew Kelt, Andrew Harris, Paul Jorden, Simon Tulloch
      Pages 369-374
  5. CMOS-Based Sensors

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 376-376
    2. Alan Hoffman, Markus Loose, Vyshnavi Suntharalingham
      Pages 377-402
    3. Michael H. MacDougal, Yibin Bai, Markus Loose, James W. Beletic
      Pages 403-410
    4. Peter J. Love, Alan W. Hoffman, Ken J. Ando, Elizabeth Corrales, William D. Ritchie, Neil J. Therrien et al.
      Pages 411-418
    5. Alan Hoffman, Peter J. Love, Elizabeth Corrales, Nancy A. Lum
      Pages 419-424

About these proceedings


Every three years, the leading experts in detectors for astronomy gather together to exchange information and form professional relationships. This series of meetings is entitled Scientific Detectors for Astronomy. The meeting has been held six times, with the last four publishing hardcover proceedings. Nearly all leading astronomical observatories and manufacturers attend this meeting, with participants from every continent of the world.

The 2005 meeting in Taormina, Italy was attended by 127 professionals who develop and use the highest quality detectors for wavelengths from x-ray to sub-mm, with emphasis on optical and infrared detectors. The meeting consisted of overview talks, technical presentations, poster sessions and roundtable discussions. In addition, a strong cultural programme exposed the participants to the host region while fostering the enhancement of professional relationships.

These proceedings capture the technical content and the spirit of the 2005 workshop. The 87 papers cover a wide range of detector technologies including CCDs, CMOS, APDs, and sub-mm detectors. There are papers on observatory status and plans, special applications, detector testing and characterization, and electronics. A special feature of these proceedings is the inclusion of pedagogical overview papers, which were written by teams of leading experts from different institutions. These proceedings are appropriate for a range of expertise levels, from undergraduates to professionals working in the field. The information presented in this book will serve as a valuable reference for many years to come.

This workshop was organized by the Scientific Workshop Factory, Inc. and the INAF- Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania.


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  • James W. Beletic
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  • Paola Amico
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