Attitudes and Changing Contexts

  • Robert Van Rooij

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About this book


In this book, the author defends a unified externalists account of propositional attitudes and reference, and formalizes this view within possible world semantics. He establishes a link between philosophical analyses of intentionality and reference and formal semantic theories of discourse representation and context change. Stalnakerian diagonalization plays an important role here. Anaphora are treated as referential expressions, while presupposition is seen as a propositional attitude. The relation between belief change and the semantic analyses of conditional sentences and evidential (knowledge) and buletic (desire) propositional attitudes is discussed extensively.

"Van Rooij has new and interesting things to say both about foundational issues in the philosophy of language, and about the details of specific analyses, f.e. about intensional identity, epistemic modals, propositional attitude attributions, presupposition accommodation, conditionals and belief change." Robert Stalnaker, MIT


Conditionals and belief change Dynamic Semantics Presupposition Propositional attitudes Reference communication discourse knowledge semantic semantics

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