Modern Magnetic Resonance

  • Graham A. Webb

Table of contents

  1. Applications in Pharmaceutical Science

    1. Applications

      1. Mike P. Williamson
        Pages 1357-1362
      2. Mark S. Searle, Graham Balkwill, Huw E. L. Williams, Evripidis Gavathiotis
        Pages 1363-1367
      3. John C. Lindon, Elaine Holmes, Jeremy K. Nicholson
        Pages 1377-1385
      4. Marina Veronesi, Claudio Dalvit
        Pages 1393-1399
      5. Christopher A. Lepre, Jonathan M. Moore
        Pages 1409-1417
      6. Jennifer J. Gesell, Mark A. McCoy, Mary M. Senior, Yu-Sen Wang, Daniel F. Wyss
        Pages 1419-1428
      7. Maša Čemazar, David J. Craik
        Pages 1429-1434
  2. Applications in Materials Science

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1435-1438
    2. I. Ardelean, G. Farrher, C. Mattea, R. Kimmich
      Pages 1471-1477
    3. Tanja Pietraß
      Pages 1479-1485
    4. R. Böhmer, G. Diezemann, G. Hinze, K. R. Jeffrey, M. Winterlich
      Pages 1487-1492
    5. Ingo Schnell, Hans Wolfgang Spiess
      Pages 1499-1506
    6. Claudia Schmidt
      Pages 1515-1521
    7. J. Perlo, F. Casanova, B. Blümich
      Pages 1523-1527
    8. Magesh Nandagopal, Mathew Mathai, Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos, Marcel Utz
      Pages 1539-1545
    9. J. L. Yarger, D. A. Buttry, G. P. Holland
      Pages 1547-1550
    10. Philip J. Grandinetti, Ted M. Clark
      Pages 1563-1568
    11. Jacco D. van Beek, Lilyane Beaulieu, Beat H. Meier
      Pages 1569-1579
    12. Siegfried Stapf, A. Khrapitchev, C. Heine, Bernhard Blümich
      Pages 1581-1587
  3. Applications in Food Science

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1589-1595
    2. High Resolution Solution State Methods

      1. Jurkica Kidrič, Iztok Joze Košir
        Pages 1597-1603
      2. Fred van de Velde, Harry S. Rollema
        Pages 1605-1610
      3. C. Moreau, E. Guichard
        Pages 1611-1615
      4. Josefina Belloque
        Pages 1631-1635
      5. Maria Antonietta Brescia, Antonio Sacco
        Pages 1637-1643
      6. Maria Antonietta Brescia, Antonio Sacco
        Pages 1645-1650
      7. Gérard J. Martin, Serge Akoka, Maryvonne L. Martin
        Pages 1651-1658
      8. Maryvonne Martin, Benli Zhang, Gérard J. Martin
        Pages 1659-1667
      9. Gérard J. Martin, Maryvonne L. Martin, Gérald Remaud
        Pages 1669-1680
    3. Relaxation Time Methods

      1. F. Mariette
        Pages 1697-1701
      2. Pavinee Chinachoti, Elena Vittadini, Pathama Chatakanonda, Yael Vodovotz
        Pages 1703-1712
      3. Joachim Götz, Ruth Hinrichs
        Pages 1713-1719
      4. Hanne Christine Bertram, Henrik Jørgen Andersen
        Pages 1729-1733

About this book


Modern Magnetic Resonance provides a unique and comprehensive resource on up-to-date uses and applications of magnetic resonance techniques in the sciences, including chemistry, biology, materials, food, medicine, pharmaceuticals and marine sciences.

The widespread appeal of MMR methods for revealing information at the molecular and microscopic levels is noted and examples are provided from the chemical and other sciences.

Until now, there has been no single publication that covers all the areas encompassed by "Modern Magnetic Resonance", by bringing together the various techniques and their applications in many scientific areas, the internationally renowned Editors have created a resource of broad appeal to the scientific community.

The book includes:

- High resolution solid and liquid state NMR

- Low resolution NMR

- Solution State NMR

- Magnetic Resonance Imaging

- Electron Spin Resonance

- Many applications taken from all of the chemical and related sciences


Drogen Marine Materials Medical Metall chemistry food science liquid crystals magnetic field materials science medicine microscopy pharmaceuticals spectroscopy transport

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  • Graham A. Webb
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  1. 1.Royal Society of ChemistryLondonUK

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