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Modern Magnetic Resonance

  • Graham A. Webb

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Applications in Chemistry

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-9
    2. Amyloids

      1. Miya Kamihira, Hazime Saitô, Akira Naito
        Pages 11-17
    3. Chemical Shifts and Spin-Couplings

      1. Isao Ando, Tetsuo Asakura
        Pages 37-42
      2. Hiromichi Kurosu, Takeshi Yamanobe
        Pages 43-52
      3. Julio C. Facelli
        Pages 53-62
      4. Peter B. Karadakov
        Pages 63-70
      5. Ulrich Sternberg, Raiker Witter, Anne S. Ulrich
        Pages 71-78
      6. Hiroyuki Fukui
        Pages 79-83
    4. Fibrous Proteins

      1. Tetsuo Asakura, Yasumoto Nakazawa
        Pages 101-106
    5. Field Gradient NMR

      1. William S. Price
        Pages 109-115
      2. István Furó, Sergey V. Dvinskikh
        Pages 117-122
      3. Yuji Yamane, Sunmi Kim
        Pages 123-127
      4. Torsten Brand, Eurico J. Cabrita, Stefan Berger
        Pages 135-143
    6. Host-Guest Chemistry

      1. John A. Ripmeester, Christopher I. Ratcliffe
        Pages 147-154

About this book


Modern Magnetic Resonance provides a unique and comprehensive resource on up-to-date uses and applications of magnetic resonance techniques in the sciences, including chemistry, biology, materials, food, medicine, pharmaceuticals and marine sciences.

The widespread appeal of MMR methods for revealing information at the molecular and microscopic levels is noted and examples are provided from the chemical and other sciences.

Until now, there has been no single publication that covers all the areas encompassed by "Modern Magnetic Resonance", by bringing together the various techniques and their applications in many scientific areas, the internationally renowned Editors have created a resource of broad appeal to the scientific community.

The book includes:

- High resolution solid and liquid state NMR

- Low resolution NMR

- Solution State NMR

- Magnetic Resonance Imaging

- Electron Spin Resonance

- Many applications taken from all of the chemical and related sciences


Drogen Marine Materials Medical Metall chemistry food science liquid crystals magnetic field materials science medicine microscopy pharmaceuticals spectroscopy transport

Editors and affiliations

  • Graham A. Webb
    • 1
  1. 1.Royal Society of ChemistryLondonUK

About the editors

Graham A. Webb has been actively engaged in research involving many aspects of NMR for about 25 years both at University College London and the University of Surrey, where he became a Professor of Physical Chemistry. During this time he has authored more than 400 published primary research papers, given presentations at about 200 international conferences dealing with NMR and supervised about 70 Ph.D. theses. He has been Editor of Annual Reports on NMR since 1975; the latest Volume to appear is number 55. In addition, he has edited The Royal Society of Chemistry Specialist Periodical Reports on NMR since 1978; the latest Volume is number 35. Professor Webb has also organised the biennial international conferences on Applications of NMR in Food Science since 1984.

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