Zdeněk Kopal's Binary Star Legacy

  • Horst Drechsel
  • Miloslav Zejda

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Introduction: Reminiscences and Appreciation of a Great Astronomer

  3. Binary Star Morphology and Dymamical Aspects

    1. H. Rovithis-Livaniou
      Pages 91-99
    2. Helen Rovithis-Livaniou, Sotirios Tsantilas, Peter Rovithis, Drahomír Chochol, Augustín Skopal, Theodor Pribulla
      Pages 101-104
    3. Igor M. Volkov
      Pages 105-108
    4. Marek Wolf, Roger Diethelm, Miloslav Zejda
      Pages 109-112
    5. Pavel Mayer
      Pages 113-119
    6. Walter Van Hamme, R.E. Wilson
      Pages 121-126
    7. Volkan Bakis, Ahmet Erdem, Edwin Budding, Osman Demircan, Hicran Bakis
      Pages 131-134
    8. Drahomír Chochol, Theodor Pribulla, Nataly A. Katysheva, Sergei Yu. Shugarov, Igor M. Volkov
      Pages 135-139
    9. A. Dariush, N. Riazi, A. Afroozeh
      Pages 141-144
    10. Zdeněk Mikulášek, Tomáš Gráf
      Pages 157-160
    11. N.I. Bondar, V.V. Prokoféva
      Pages 161-164
    12. Pavel Koubský
      Pages 165-168
    13. A. BudoviČovÁ, S. Štefl, P. Hadrava, Th. Rtviotus, O. Stahl
      Pages 169-172
    14. S.M. Saad, J. Kubát, P. Hadrava, P. Harmanec, P. Koubský, P. Škoda et al.
      Pages 173-177
    15. Miroslav Šlechta, Petr Škoda
      Pages 179-182
    16. Szilárd Csizmadia
      Pages 185-188
    17. D. Dominis, P. Mimica, K. Pavlovski, E. Tamajo
      Pages 189-192
  4. Mathematical Physics and Numerical Modeling

    1. R.E. Wilson
      Pages 197-207
    2. Dirk Terrell, R.E. Wilson
      Pages 221-230
    3. Todd Vaccaro, Walter Van Hamme
      Pages 231-234
    4. G. Djurašević, B. Albayrak, S. Erkapić, T. Tanriverdi
      Pages 261-264
    5. Atsuma Yamasaki
      Pages 277-280
    6. Theodor Pribulla, Martin Vaňko, Drahomír Chochol, Štefan Parimucha, Daniel Baluďanský
      Pages 281-284
    7. Ondřej Pejcha, David Motl, Miloslav Zejda, Karel Koss, Jitka Kudrnáčová, Petr Hájek et al.
      Pages 285-288
    8. B. Albayrak, G. Djurašević, S. Selam, M. Yilmaz, S. Erkapić, O. Aksu et al.
      Pages 293-296
    9. Elena Pavlenko, Anna Litvinchova
      Pages 297-300
    10. S. Selam, B. Albayrak, M. Yilmaz, H.V. Şenavci, İ Özavci, C. Çetintaş
      Pages 305-308
    11. A. Karska, M. Mikolajewski, G. Maciejewski, C. Galan, P. Ligeza
      Pages 309-310
    12. G. Djurašvić, P. Rovithis, H. Rovithis-Livaniou, E. Fragoulopoulou
      Pages 311-314

About this book


An international conference entitled "Zdenek Kopal's Binary Star Legacy" was held on the occasion of the late Professor Kopal's 90th birthday in his home town of Litomyšl/Czech Republic and dedicated to the memory of one of the leading astronomers of the 20th century.

Professor Kopal, who devoted 60 years of his scientific life to the exploration of close binary systems, initiated a breakthrough in this field with his description of binary components as non-spherical stars deformed by gravity, with surfaces following Roche equipotentials. Such knowledge triggered the development of new branches of astrophysics dealing with the structure and evolution of close binaries and the interaction effects displayed by exciting objects such as cataclysmic variables, symbiotic stars or X-ray binaries.

Contributions to this conference included praise of the achievements of a great astronomer and personal reminiscences brought forward by Kopal's former students and colleagues, and reflected the state of the art of the dynamically evolving field of binary research, which owes so much to the pioneering work of Zdenek Kopal.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Horst Drechsel
    • 1
  • Miloslav Zejda
    • 2
  1. 1.Dr. Remeis ObservatoryBambergGermany
  2. 2.N. Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium BrnoCzech Republik

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