Dense Molecular Gas Around Protostars and in Galactic Nuclei

European Workshop on Astronomical Molecules 2004

  • W.A. Baan
  • Y. Hagiwara
  • H.J. van Langevelde

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-1
  2. Young Stellar Objects (YSO) Evolution

    1. A.M.S. Richards, R.J. Cohen, M. Crocker, E.E. Lekht, E. Mendoza, V.A. Samodurov
      Pages 19-25
    2. A. Niezurawska, M. Szymczak, A.M.S. Richards, R.J. Cohen
      Pages 37-42
    3. J.M. Torrelles, N. Patel, J.F. Gómez, G. Anglada, L. Uscanga
      Pages 53-63
    4. Itziar de Gregorio-Monsalvo, Claire J. Chandler, José F. Gómez, Thomas B.H. Kuiper, José M. Torrelles, Guillem Anglada
      Pages 65-70
  3. AGN/Starburst Evolution

    1. Melanie Krips, Andreas Eckart, Roberto Neri, Joerg-Uwe Pott, Jens Zuther, Julia Scharwächter et al.
      Pages 95-100
    2. Julia Scharwächter, Andreas Eckartl, Susanne Pfalznerl, Jens Zuther, Melanie Krips, Eva Schinnerer et al.
      Pages 101-106
    3. C. Henkel, J.A. Braatz, A. Tarchi, A.B. Peck, N.M. Nagar, L.J. Greenhill et al.
      Pages 107-116
    4. A. Tarchi, C. Henkel, M. Chiaberge, K. M. Menten, A. Brunthaler, L. Moscadelli
      Pages 117-123
    5. Yoshiaki Hagiwara
      Pages 125-130
  4. Statistical Approach

    1. J. Brand, R. Cesaroni, G. Comoretto, M. Felli, F. Palagi, F. Palla et al.
      Pages 133-141
    2. E. Olsson, S. Aalto, S. Hüttemeister
      Pages 155-160
    3. F.P. Israel
      Pages 171-176
  5. Diagnostics of YSO

    1. Michiel R. Hogerheijde
      Pages 179-187
    2. Andrei M. Sobolev, Edmund C. Sutton, Dinah M. Cragg, Peter D. Godfrey
      Pages 189-196
    3. S. Goedhart, M.J. Gaylard, D.J. van Der Walt
      Pages 197-202
    4. M.G. Hoare
      Pages 203-215
    5. Maxim Voronkov, Andrej Sobolev, Simon Ellingsen, Andrei Ostrovskii, Alexei Alakoz
      Pages 217-223
    6. C.J. Phillips, H.J. Van Langevelde
      Pages 225-229
    7. M. Pestalozzi, M. Elitzur, J. Conway, R. Booth
      Pages 231-236
  6. Diagnostics of AGN/Starbursts

    1. Huib Jan Van Langevelde, Ylva Pihlström, Anthony Beasley
      Pages 249-255
    2. Willem A. Baan, Hans-R. Klöckner
      Pages 263-275
    3. Hans-Rainer Klöckner, Willem A. Baan
      Pages 277-283
    4. E.M.L. Humphreys, A.L. Argon, L.J. Greenhill, M.J. Reid, J.M. Moran
      Pages 285-289
    5. Y.M. Pihlström
      Pages 291-296
    6. A.G. Polatidis, J.E. Conway, Y.M. Pihlström, R. Parra
      Pages 297-302
    7. Thomas Bertram, Andreas Eckart, Melanie Krips, Johannes Staguhn
      Pages 303-308
    8. John Conway, Moshe Elitzur, Rodrigo Parra
      Pages 319-324
    9. Rodrigo Parra, John Conway, Moshe Elitzur
      Pages 325-330

About this book


The European Workshop on Astronomical Molecules was held at ‘The Conference Building’ in Zwolle, the Netherlands, on 18–20 February 2004. The idea behind the workshop was to bring together astronomers studying similar processes in different astrophysical environments; masers and dense molecular gas around young stars and galactic nuclei. There is considerable overlap in physical and chemical phenomena between these environments, with scales ranging from circumstellar to central regions of galaxies. The workshop became a meeting place of observers and theorists as well as young and senior astronomers. The venue of the meeting facilitated continuous stimulated discussions in a relaxed atmosphere throughout the meeting and after sessions in the hotspots of the cosy town of Zwolle. This issue includes 12 reviews and 27 contributed papers presented in this Wo- shop, all of them were refereed by invited speakers or the editors. The quality of the papers is outstanding. The projects discussed here are often in an early stage and undoubtedly their progress has bene?ted greatly from the opportunity to discuss results with the experts in a wide range of areas. Similarly, we feel con?dent that the interaction of specialists with different backgrounds will initiate many new projects and collaborations. The format of the meeting was special since all participants were given the opportunity to make an oral presentation and there were no posters. In addition, the schedule allowed suf?cient room enough for off-line presentations and discussions.


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  • Y. Hagiwara
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  • H.J. van Langevelde
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