Desertification in the Mediterranean Region. A Security Issue

  • William G. Kepner
  • Jose L. Rubio
  • David A. Mouat
  • Fausto Pedrazzini
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Part of the NATO Security Through Science Series book series (volume 3)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XV
  2. Introduction: Desertification in the Mediterranean Region: Linking Environmental Condition to Security.

  3. Mediterranean Regional Perspective on Assessment and Condition

  4. Assessing Land Use Change Relative to Anthropogenic and Natural Cause

    1. Maliha S. Nash, Timothy G. Wade, Daniel T. Heggem, James D. Wickham
      Pages 303-323
    2. Juan A. Pascual Aguilar, Valera Antonio Carlos Añó, Juan Sánchez
      Pages 325-340
    3. Taye Alemayehu, Luis Recatalá, Andrea G. Fabbri, Juan Sánchez
      Pages 341-352
  5. Regional Cooperation and Information Sharing

  6. Soil and Vegetation Monitoring

    1. Concepción L. Alados, Ahmed ElAich, Vasilios P. Papanastasis, Huseyin Ozbek, Helena Freitas
      Pages 429-449
    2. J. M. Nunes, A. Muñoz, J. P. Coelho, S. Dias, A. García, A. López -Piñeiro
      Pages 451-473
    3. J. A. Alloza, R. Vallejo
      Pages 475-488
    4. O. González, V. Andreu, E. Gimeno-García, J. L. Rubio
      Pages 489-507
  7. Desertification Indicators and Forecasting Techniques

    1. C. Kosmas, M. Tsara, N. Moustakas, D. Kosma, N. Yassoglou
      Pages 525-547
    2. Simone J.E. Van Dijck, Abdellah Laouina, Anabela V. Carvalho, Sander Loos, Aafke M. Schipper, Hans Van der Kwast et al.
      Pages 549-577

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