Defense against Bioterror

Detection Technologies, Implementation Strategies and Commercial Opportunities

  • Dennis Morrison
  • Fred Milanovich
  • Dmitri Ivnitski
  • Thomas R. Austin
Conference proceedings

Part of the NATO Security through Science Series book series (NAPS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-16
  2. F. P. Milanovich, J. Dzenitis, B. J. Hindson, A. J. Makarewicz, M. T. McBride, B. W. Colston
    Pages 67-75
  3. R. Barton, R. Collins, R. Starnes
    Pages 77-90
  4. A. V. Wuijckhuijse, C. Kientz, B. V. Baar, O. Kievit, R. Busker, M. Stowers et al.
    Pages 119-128
  5. O. V. Ignatov, O. I. Guliy, V. D. Bunin, A. G. Voloshin, D. O’neil, D. Ivnitski
    Pages 147-163
  6. L. M. Lechuga, J. Tamayo, A. Calle, M. Calleja, C. Dominquez
    Pages 175-197
  7. Y. Xiao, V. Pavlov, T. Niazov, A. Dishon, M. Kotler, I. Willner
    Pages 199-205
  8. P. Skladal, Y. Symerska, M. Pohanka, B. Safar, A. Macela
    Pages 221-232
  9. S. Varfolomeyev, I. Kurochkin, A. Eremenko, E. Rainina, I. Gachok
    Pages 233-243
  10. M. Mascini, I. Palchetti
    Pages 245-259
  11. B. B. Dzantiev, A.V Zherdev, N.A. Byzova
    Pages 291-301
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 335-337

About these proceedings


A critical assessment of state-of-the-art of emerging ("breakthrough") biosensor technologies that will allow for the rapid identification of biological threat agents in the environment and human population.

Identification of directions for future research, and to promote close working relationships between scientists from different countries and with different professional experience. The volume is devoted to a comprehensive overview of the current state of biological weapons threat; challenges confronting biodetection technologies and systems; ongoing research and development; and, future requirements. Biosensor technologies including detection platforms, networked alarm-type biodetector systems, implementation strategies, electro-optical and electrochemical biosensors.


Biosensor Monitor Pathogen assessment polymer

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  • Dennis Morrison
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  • Fred Milanovich
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  • Dmitri Ivnitski
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  • Thomas R. Austin
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  1. 1.Institute of Engineering Research & ApplicationsNew Mexico TechAlbuquerqueUSA
  2. 2.Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryLivermoreUSA
  3. 3.The Boeing CompanyUSA

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