Principles and methods in landscape ecology

Toward a Science of Landscape

  • Almo Farina

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Principles and methods of landscape ecology are intensively used to model and to manage disturbed landscapes and menaced pristine areas as well. Students and professionals can find a new version of "Principles and Methods in Landscape Ecology" firstly published in 1998 by Chapman & Hall (London).

Landscape ecology is an integrative and multi-disciplinary science and "Principles and Methods in Landscape Ecology" reconciles the geological, botanical, zoological and human perspectives. In particular new paradigms and theories like percolation, metapopulation, hierarchies, source-sink models, have been integrated, in this last edition, with the recent theories on bio-complexity, information and cognitive sciences.

Methods for studying landscape ecology are covered including spatial geometry models and remote sensing in order to create confidence toward techniques and approaches that require a high experience and long-time dedication.

Principles and Methods in Landscape Ecology is a textbook useful to present the landscape in a multi-vision perspective for undergraduate and graduate students of biology, ecology, geography, forestry, agronomy, landscape architecture and planning. Sociology, economics, history, archaeology, anthropology, ecological psychology are some sciences that can benefit of the holistic vision offered by this texbook.

A relevant goal of this second edition is to increase confidence in the new generations of students and practitioners for considering the ecological systems as the result of the integration between ecosystemic (non spatial) and landscape (spatial) patterns and processes.

Almo Farina is Professor of Ecology at the Urbino University, Faculty of Environmental Sciences (Urbino, Italy).


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