Molecular Markers of Brain Tumor Cells

Implications for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Anti-Neoplastic Biological Therapy

  • Bela Bodey
  • Stuart E. Siegel
  • Hans E. Kaiser

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Childhood brain tumors are a diverse group of diseases characterized by the abnormal growth of tissue contained within the skull. Other than leukemia and lymphoma, brain tumors are the most common type of neoplasms that occur in children. The leading cause of death from childhood neoplasms among persons up to 19 years is brain tumors. As such, this book is a review of the most recent molecular biological research concerning brain tumors with references and comparisons to a variety of neoplastic disorders. The book then uses this information to foreshadow the direction that future anti-neoplastic therapies will take. Because of the wide spectrum of the objectives of the book, any individual involved in cancer research will greatly benefit from the work. Histopathologists, neuropathologists, clinical and research oncologists, and medical students will find this book to be an invaluable resource as a reference guide. Patients and their families will also find the book useful as it offers a comprehensive update on new, non-classical therapeutic modality options and contains a detailed description and analysis of brain tumors. Such an endeavor has yet to be undertaken by any other book and may prove to be the most comprehensive book on brain tumors thus far.


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  • Bela Bodey
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  • Hans E. Kaiser
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  2. 2.Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood DiseasesChildrens Hospital Los AngelesLos AngelesUSA
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