Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxv
  2. A Golden Era for Astronomy: The Advent of CCDS and Infrared Arrays

  3. Detector Manufacturers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 9-9
    2. Ken J. Ando, Peter J. Love, Nancy A. Lum, David J. Gulbransen, Alan W. Hoffman, Elizabeth Corrales et al.
      Pages 11-20
    3. Giovanni Bonanno, Massimiliano Belluso, Antonio Calì, Alessandro Carbone, Rosario Cosentino, Angelo Modica et al.
      Pages 21-28
    4. Giovanni Bonanno, Rosario Cosentino, Massimiliano Belluso, Salvo Scuderi, Cinzia Di Franco, Pier Giorgio Fallica et al.
      Pages 29-32
    5. Morley M. Blouke, Denis L. Heidtmann, James Eriksen, Archibald Barter
      Pages 33-40
    6. Barry E. Burke, James A. Gregory, Andrew H. Loomis, Steven D. Calawa, Paul M. Nitishin, Thomas A. Lind et al.
      Pages 41-50
    7. Albert M. Fowler, K. Michael Merrill, William Ball, Arne Henden, Fred Vrba, Craig McCreight
      Pages 51-58
    8. James D. Garnett, Majid Zandian, Roger E. DeWames, Michael Carmody, John G. Pasko, Mark Farris et al.
      Pages 59-80
    9. James Janesick, Ferry Gunawan, Taner Dosluoglu, John Tower, Niel McCaffrey
      Pages 103-114
    10. Paul R. Jorden, Peter Pool, Simon M. Tulloch
      Pages 115-122
    11. J. Rainer Kramm, Horst Uwe Keller, Reinhard Müller, Dietmar Germerott, Georg Tomasch
      Pages 131-136
    12. Michael Lesser
      Pages 137-144
    13. David Lumb, Alan Owens, Anthony Peacock, Marcos Bavdaz, Christian Erd
      Pages 145-148
    14. David Lumb, Peter Verhoeve, Roland den Hertog, Anthony Peacock, Didier Martin, Nicola Rando
      Pages 149-154
    15. Vyshnavi Suntharalingam, Barry E. Burke, Michael J. Cooper
      Pages 155-162
    16. Augustyn Waczynski, Terry Beck, Ray Boucarut, Edward Cheng, Dave Cottingham, Gregory Delo et al.
      Pages 175-182
    17. Guy F.W. Woodhouse, Nicholas R. Waltham, Marcus J. French, Mark L. Prydderch, Quentin R. Morrissey, Renato Turchetta et al.
      Pages 183-194
  4. Observatory Status/Plans

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 195-195
    2. James W. Beletic, Paola Amico, Randall Campbell, Robert Goodrich
      Pages 205-218
    3. Gert Finger, Reinhold J. Dorn, Hamid Mehrgan, Manfred Meyer, Alan F.M. Moorwood, Joerg Stegmeier
      Pages 219-224
    4. Jason Griesbach
      Pages 225-229
    5. Derek Ives, Nagaraja Bezawada, Maureen Ellis
      Pages 231-238
    6. Ralf Kohley, Marcos Suárez, Juan Manuel Martín, Greg Burley, Lluis Cavaller, Rafael Vilela
      Pages 239-246
    7. Ricardo E. Schmidt
      Pages 247-254
    8. Roger Smith
      Pages 255-260
    9. Barry M. Starr
      Pages 261-268
    10. Barry M. Starr, Nicholas Buchholz, Gustavo Rahmer, Jerry Penegor, Ricardo Schmidt, Michael Warner et al.
      Pages 269-276
  5. Instrumentation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 277-277
    2. Keith H. Burrell, Punit Gohil, Richard J. Groebner, David H. Kaplan, John I. Robinson, Daniel M. Thomas et al.
      Pages 279-282
    3. Cyril Cavadore, Claudio Cumani, Francis Franza, Enrico Marchetti
      Pages 283-286
    4. Jean-Charles Cuillandre, Eugene A. Magnier, Sidik Isani, Dan Sabin, Wiley Knight, Simon Kras et al.
      Pages 287-298
    5. Jean-Charles Cuillandre, James Beletic, Reinhold Dorn, James Beletic, Gerard Luppino, Sidik Isani et al.
      Pages 299-304
    6. Sebastian Deiries, Olaf Iwert, Cyril Cavadore, Christian Geimer, Evi Hummel
      Pages 305-310
    7. M. Bonner Denton, Andrew K. Knight, Stephen C. Denson, Roger P. Sperline, Erick T. Young, James H. Barnes et al.
      Pages 311-318
    8. Reinhold J. Dorn, Barry E. Burke, James W. Beletic
      Pages 319-323
    9. Philippe Feautrier, Reinhold J. Dorn, Gérard Rousset, Cyril Cavadore, Julien Charton, Claudio Cumani et al.
      Pages 325-333
    10. Jean-Luc Gach, Olivier Hernandez, Jacques Boulesteix, Claude Carignan
      Pages 335-340
    11. Mario Gai, Leonardo Corcione, Giuseppe Massone
      Pages 341-344
    12. Enrique Joven, José V. Gigante, Francis Beigbeder
      Pages 345-348
    13. Fernando Pedichini, Roberto Speziali
      Pages 349-366
    14. Klaus Reif, Günter Klink, Phillip Müller, Henning Poschmann
      Pages 367-370
    15. Martin M. Martin, M. Roth, Thomas Fechner, Dieter Wolter, Andreas Kelz, Thomas Becker
      Pages 371-378
    16. Roger Smith, David Walker, Hugo E. Schwarz
      Pages 379-384

About these proceedings


Dear Friends, It seems like it was only yesterday that we drove the last of you to the airport. The memories and the spirit of the Scientific Detectors for Astronomy Workshop (SDW2002) remain fresh and strong. For us, this was a very special event, a great gathering of what may be one of the friendliest and most cooperative technical communities on our little planet. We have tried to capture the spirit of the Workshop in these Proceedings and we hope you are able to relive your week in Hawaii. For those readers who did not attend, we invite you into this community. As you probably noticed, there is a new name on the cover: Jenna Beletic was the ace up our sleeve for these Proceedings. As a summer intern at Keck, she took up the task of organizing, proofreading, editing and formatting the papers. She also made the graphics (her artistic talents shine on pages xxxiii and xxxv), contacted authors and prepared the mountain of paperwork which goes with producing a book. Jenna’s enthusiasm at learning, her passion for the job and creativity (e. g. find 100 ways to get Paola and Jim to do their jobs) have been a motivating addition to our team of “old workshop foxes”…… and a source for a good deal of paternal pride. We are honoured to have her as a fellow editor.


CCD Observatories UV astronomy optical interferometry spectroscopy

Editors and affiliations

  • Paola Amico
    • 1
  • James W. Beletic
    • 1
  • Jenna E. Beletic
    • 1
  1. 1.W.M. Keck ObservatoryCalifornia Association for Research in Astronomy (CARA)HawaiiUSA

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