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Medicine Across Cultures

History and Practice of Medicine in Non-Western Cultures

  • Helaine Selin

Part of the Science Across Cultures: The History of Non-Western Science book series (SACH, volume 3)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. John M. Janzen, Edward C. Green
    Pages 1-26
  3. Ahmed Shafik, Waseem R. Elseesy
    Pages 27-47
  4. Cai Jingfeng, Zhen Yan
    Pages 49-73
  5. Ananda S. Chopra
    Pages 75-83
  6. Robert William, Prasaad Steiner
    Pages 85-113
  7. Viggo Brun
    Pages 115-132
  8. Don Baker
    Pages 133-153
  9. Dayalan Devanesen, Patrick Maher
    Pages 175-189
  10. Cluny Macpherson, La’avasa Macpherson
    Pages 191-207
  11. Carlos Viesca
    Pages 259-283
  12. Karen McCarthy Brown
    Pages 285-303
  13. Jim B. Tucker
    Pages 373-384

About this book


Medicine Across Cultures: The History and Practice of Medicine in Non-Western Cultures consists of 19 essays dealing with the medical knowledge and beliefs of cultures outside of the United States and Europe. In addition to articles surveying Islamic, Chinese, Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Indian, Egyptian, and Tibetan medicine, the book includes essays on comparing Chinese and western medicine and religion and medicine. The essays address the connections between medicine and culture and relate the medical practices to the cultures which produced them. Each essay is well illustrated and contains an extensive bibliography. Because the geographic range is global, the book fills a gap in both the history of medicine and in cultural studies. It should find a place on the bookshelves of advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and scholars, as well as in libraries serving those groups.


Aboriginal Health Practice Cultural Studies Medicine in Ancient Mesoamerica Oriental Medicine Thai Medicine Tibetan Medicine Western Medicine african medicine biomedicine medical knowledge medicine in ancient China medicine in ancient Egypt non-western cultures practice of medicine therapy

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