Evaluation Models

Viewpoints on Educational and Human Services Evaluation

  • Daniel L. Stufflebeam
  • George F. Madaus
  • Thomas Kellaghan

Part of the Evaluation in Education and Human Services book series (EEHS, volume 49)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Program Evaluation: An Introduction

    1. George F. Madaus, Daniel L. Stufflebeam
      Pages 3-18
    2. George F. Madaus, Thomas Kellaghan
      Pages 19-31
  3. Questions/Methods-Oriented Evaluation Models

    1. Ralph W. Tyler
      Pages 87-96
    2. Thomas Kellaghan, George F. Madaus
      Pages 97-112
    3. George F. Madaus, Walter Haney, Amelia Kreitzer
      Pages 113-125
    4. Andrés Steinmetz
      Pages 127-143
    5. Bill Nave, Edward J. Miech, Frederick Mosteller
      Pages 145-161
    6. Robert K. Yin
      Pages 185-193
    7. David J. Flinders, Elliot W. Eisner
      Pages 195-207
  4. Improvement/Accountability-Oriented Evaluation Models

    1. Lee J. Cronbach
      Pages 235-247
    2. Michael Scriven
      Pages 249-278
    3. Daniel L. Stufflebeam
      Pages 279-317
  5. Social Agenda-Directed (Advocacy) Models

    1. Egon G. Guba, Yvonna S. Lincoln
      Pages 363-381
    2. H. S. Bhola
      Pages 383-394
    3. Ernest R. House, Kenneth R. Howe
      Pages 409-421
  6. Overarching Matters

    1. Michael Quinn Patton
      Pages 425-438
    2. Daniel L. Stufflebeam
      Pages 439-455
    3. Daniel L. Stufflebeam
      Pages 457-471
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 473-509

About this book


Evaluation Models is an up-to-date revision of the classic text first published in 1983. Organized in three sections, the first includes a historical perspective on the growth of evaluation theory and practice and two comparative analyses of the various alternative perspectives on evaluation. The second section includes articles representing the major schools of thought about evaluation written by the leaders who have developed these schools and models. The final section describes and discusses the Standards for Program Evaluation and the reformation of program evaluation.


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  • Daniel L. Stufflebeam
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  • George F. Madaus
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  • Thomas Kellaghan
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  1. 1.Western Michigan UniversityUSA
  2. 2.Boston CollegeUSA
  3. 3.The Educational Research CentreDublin

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