Computerized Adaptive Testing: Theory and Practice

  • Wim J. van der Linden
  • Gees A.W. Glas

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Item Selection and Ability Estimation

    1. Wim J. van der Linden, Peter J. Pashley
      Pages 1-25
    2. Wim J. van der Linden
      Pages 27-52
  3. Applications in Large-Scale Testing Programs

    1. Craig N. Mills, Manfred Steffen
      Pages 75-99
    2. Alfred J. Verschoor, Gerard J.J.M. Straetmans
      Pages 101-116
    3. Richard M. Luecht, Ronald J. Nungester
      Pages 117-128
  4. Item Pool Development and Maintenance

    1. Cynthia G. Parshall, Tim Davey, Peter J. Pashley
      Pages 129-148
    2. Bernard P. Veldkamp, Wim J. van der Linden
      Pages 149-162
    3. Martha L. Stocking, Charles Lewis
      Pages 163-182
  5. Item Calibration and Model Fit

  6. Testlet-Based Adaptive Testing

    1. Cees A.W. Glas, Howard Wainer, Eric T. Bradlow
      Pages 271-287
    2. Hans J. Vos, Gees A.W. Glas
      Pages 289-309
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 311-323

About this book


Modern computer technology has opened up several new possibilities for optimizing the administration of educational and psychological tests. In computer adaptive testing (CAT), tests are automatically tailored to the proficiency level of the individual examinees. Currently, nearly all large-scale testing programs in the western world are already adaptive or in the process of becoming so. Written by active CAT researchers from Europe and North America, the chapters offer a comprehensive introduction to the latest developments in the theory and practice of CAT. The book can be used both as a basic reference on the state of the art in CAT and a valuable resource in graduate courses on test theory. The theoretical chapters in this book cover such topics as item selection and ability estimation, item pool development and maintenance, item calibration and model fit, and testlet-based adaptive testing. The practical chapters describe the operational aspects of existing large-scale CAT programs.


Europe Shadow assessment best fit computer controlling development education election mathematics research state technology test theory

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  • Wim J. van der Linden
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  • Gees A.W. Glas
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  1. 1.University of TwenteThe Netherlands

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