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Novel Frontiers in the Production of Compounds for Biomedical Use

  • Annie Van Broekhoven
  • Fred Shapiro
  • Jozef Anné

Part of the Focus on Biotechnology book series (FOBI, volume 1)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-12
  2. Genomics: the New Approach to the Discovery of New Compounds

    1. Raul Goldschmidt, Karen Bush
      Pages 15-22
    2. David J. Holmes, John P. Throup, Nicola G. Wallis, Martin K. R. Burnham, Magdalena Zalacain, Sanjoy Biswas et al.
      Pages 23-31
  3. Antibiotics

    1. Markus Kempf, Uwe Theobald, Hans-Peter Fiedler
      Pages 35-55
    2. Jozsef Aszodi, André Bryskier
      Pages 57-83
    3. Gerard D. Wright, Albert M. Berghuis
      Pages 85-98
    4. André Matagne, Moreno Galleni, Nezha Laraki, Gianfranco Amicosante, Gianmaria Rossolini, Jean-Marie Frère
      Pages 117-129
    5. Fereshteh Naeimpoor, Ferda Mavituna
      Pages 131-145
    6. Casqueiro J., Bañuelos O., Gutiérrez S., Martín J.F.
      Pages 147-159
    7. A.C. Spiess, V. Kasche
      Pages 169-192
  4. Production of Therapeutic Antibodies

    1. Nico Mertens, Reinilde Schoonjans, An Willems, Steve Schoonooghe, Jannick Leoen, Johan Grooten
      Pages 195-208
    2. Muyldermans Serge, Conrath Katja, Vu Khoa Bang, Serrao Teresa, Busch Magnus, Backmann Natasha et al.
      Pages 209-216
  5. Heterologous Protein Production: New Production Strategies

About this book


The present book entitled “Novel Frontiers in the Production of Compounds for Biomedical Uses” can perhaps be placed in its best perspective by the Shakespearean character in The Tempest who exclaimed" What’s past is prologue”. Indeed, this compilation of some of the outstanding presentations in the field of biomedicine made at th the 9 European Congress on Biotechnology (Brussels, Belgium, July 11-15, 1999) not only reflects the achievements of the recent past, but provides a privileged glimpse of the biotechnology that is emerging in the first decade of the new Millennium. It is becoming increasingly apparent that biotechnology is offering biomedicine novel approaches and solutions to develop a sorely needed new generation of biopharmaceuticals. This is all the more necessary because in recent years, new diseases have emerged with extraordinary lethality in all corners of the globe, while age-related chronic illnesses have filled the gap wherever biomedicine has made successful inroads. The rise of antibiotic resistance also poses major threats to public health. Thus, as disease patterns evolve, the rational development of new drugs is becoming urgent, not only for the clinical outcome of patients, but also in optimising the allocation of scarce health care resources through the use of cost-effective productions methods. It is in response to all these challenges that biotechnology offers new strategies that go beyond the more traditional approaches. By the mid-1990’s, the number of recombinant products approved annually for therapeutic use reached double digits. With the advent of the genomics revolution.


Biomaterial Biomedical application DNA biochemistry biotechnology cells proteins

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  • Annie Van Broekhoven
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  • Fred Shapiro
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  • Jozef Anné
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  2. 2.Catholic University of LeuvenLeuvenBelgium

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