China’s comprehensive disaster reduction

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China is one of the countries in the world that are most affected by natural disasters. In recent years, with global climate change and rapid socioeconomic development in the country, natural disaster risks have been increasing and economic losses and the population affected have shown a growing trend; catastrophic disasters have repeatedly ravaged China, causing major socioeconomic impacts.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to disaster prevention, reduction, and relief. Developments in laws and regulations on natural disaster management in the past three decades have provided an improved legal framework for disaster prevention, reduction, and relief. China’s disaster relief is guided by the principle of people-centered, government-led, multilevel management, mutual support within social networks, and self-rescue of victims. Through the years, the government has been expanding the scope of disaster relief and increasing the level of assistance, strengthening integrated coordination mechanisms, and standardizing procedures for relief work. Disaster prevention, reduction, and relief mechanisms based on China’s situation, and with Chinese characteristics, have been established. Attention has also been given to capacity-building. Much effort has been made to implement disaster reduction projects and to improve early warning systems, emergency response, science and technological support, human resource development, and community disaster relief systems. Future disaster reduction efforts of the Chinese government will focus on alleviating the impact of natural disasters, coping with catastrophic disaster risks, harmonizing the relationship between humans and nature, and attaining sustainable development.


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