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Strain Simulation of Diamond NV Centers in High Q-Factor Diamond Membranes


In the field of strain-based hybrid mechanical systems, understanding the local strain profile and realizing strong strain coupling is crucial. Here a theoretical investigation is conducted on hybrid devices consisting of diamond membranes with a high Q-factor and embedded nitrogen-vacancy defect centers. Simulation based on a three-dimensional finite element method reveals microscopic strain distribution in the membrane’s basis as well as in the defect’s basis. For strong strain coupling, we design diamond phononic crystal devices with a honeycomb lattice, enabling localized strain in a small mode volume and an enhanced Q-factor. The hybrid devices studied in this paper are promising candidates for various quantum applications, including strain-mediated long range spin-spin interaction, multi-mode optomechanics, and topological operations with exceptional points.

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  • Diamond NV center
  • Diamond mechanical oscillator
  • Strain