Ta2O5-memristor synaptic array with winner-take-all method for neuromorphic pattern matching


Pattern matching or pattern recognition is one of the elemental components that constitute the very complicated recalling and remembering process in human’s brain. To realize this neuromorphic pattern matching, we fabricated and tested a 3 × 3 memristor synaptic array with the winner-take-all method in this research. In the measurement, first, the 3 × 3 Ta2O5 memristor array is programmed to store [LLL], [LHH], and [HLH], where L is a low-resistance state and H is a high-resistance state, at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd columns, respectively. After the programming, three input patterns, [111], [100], and [010], are applied to the memristor synaptic array. From the measurement results, we confirm that all three input patterns can be recognized well by using a twin memristor crossbar with synaptic arrays. This measurement can be thought of as the first real verification of the twin memristor crossbar with memristive synaptic arrays for neuromorphic pattern recognition.

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  • Memristor
  • Memristor array
  • Winner take all
  • Neuromorphic memristor crossbar
  • Pattern matching