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Optical configuration of a three-dimensional active retarder panel for producing symmetric left- and right-circularly-polarized light


An optimal optical configuration for producing symmetric left- and right-circularly-polarized light for a three-dimensional (3D) circularly-polarized active retarder (CP-AR) display is proposed. It consists of a λ/2 retardation switching liquid crystal (LC) cell and two positive A-plate films. When the vertical electric field that is applied to the λ/2 retardation-switching LC cell is alternately turned on and off, the overall AR panel produces left- and right-circularly-polarized light for the left and the right eyes, respectively. We designed an optical configuration and applied it to an electrically-controlled birefringence (ECB) cell. From the results of calculation and experiments, we obtained a CP-AR display with highly reduced 3D crosstalk on the left- and the right-hand sides.

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  • Three-dimension (3D)
  • Stereoscopy
  • Active retarder panel
  • Polarization
  • 3D crosstalk