Journal of the Korean Physical Society

, Volume 73, Issue 7, pp 955–959 | Cite as

Near-Infrared to Visible Upconversion Emission in Er3+ and Yb3+ Codoped BaHfO3

  • Junhwi Lim
  • Donghee Kim
  • Y. S. Lee


We report on the upconversion (UC) emission property of Er3+ and Yb3+ codoped BaHfO3 polycrystals. We observed the green (~ 540 nm) and the red (~ 660 nm) UC emissions in Er3+ in the host material BaHfO3 with 980-nm near-infrared excitation. These emissions exhibited strong temperature evolutions. Interestingly, the UC emissions in Er3+ were found to be controlled with the Yb3+ doping. In Er3+ and Yb3+ codoped BaHfO3, the intensity of the red UC emission increased dramatically while that of the green UC emission showed a non-monotonic temperature dependence. These results suggested that the UC emission process in the Er3+ ion in BaHfO3 should be temperature-sensitive.


BaHfO3 Er3+/Yb3+ Upconversion Temperature dependence 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of PhysicsSoongsil UniversitySeoulKorea

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